Ysabella Fontleroy

Year: 2022

Height: 6-1

Position: W

High School: Kickapoo (Springfield, MO)

Recruiting Status: Undecided

Notes: also called Bella Fontleroy; her parents, William Fontleroy and Carolyn Fontleroy (née Weirick), both played basketball at Missouri State (when the school was called Southwest Missouri State)

Recruiting Summary for Ysabella Fontleroy

January 2020: offers reportedly include Arkansas, Kansas, Louisville, Missouri, Missouri State, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Virginia

offers reported in October 2020: Alabama, Georgetown, Texas Tech, Xavier

June 2021 offer: Baylor

July 2021 article (linked below) says she has more than 35 offers, including the following: Arkansas, Arizona, Arizona State, Baylor, Florida, Kansas, Louisville, Missouri, Missouri State, North Carolina, NC State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Stanford, Texas, Texas Tech, Virginia Tech


Kickapoo basketball phenom Ysabella Fontleroy is determined to live up to her last name (Springfield News-Leader, 7/6/2021)

“I shy away from it because as much as I love being a part of their legacy, I can be a part of their legacy somewhere else,” Ysabella said. “But at the same time, I always have to take them into consideration because, I mean, it would be awesome to be able to step on the same campus that they got to walk around and boast it like we’re the best of the best around here. I think that would be really cool.”

No pressure is coming from her parents — who both admit they had goosebumps when they saw Ysabella play in the state semifinals on the Hammons Student Center floor they used to call home.

The two trust Ysabella will make the right decision for herself.

“I need to be somewhere where I could potentially be the next 40 years of my life or the rest of my life,” Ysabella said. “I need to just be at a place with great resources educationally and job-wise, like with internships, and just developing those relationships. It all goes back to the relationship and connections that you make and then, of course, leadership and being able to give back.”

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