Louisville Women’s Basketball Recruiting

Conference: ACC

Head Coach: Jeff Walz (16th season in 2022-23)

Official Cardinals roster

Unofficial Louisville Women’s Basketball Scholarship Chart

Note: The NCAA granted an extra year of eligibility to 2020-21 D-I winter sports athletes (including women’s basketball players). Programs were allowed to exceed the 15-scholarship limit for the 2021-22 season only (and only for their own returning players). Until there is definitive word that a player will be taking advantage of this extra year, the WBB Blog scholarship charts will not reflect this extra eligibility.

Personnel Notes:

  • March 2021: Emily Engstler (Syracuse) transfers in; Chelsie Hall (Vanderbilt) grad transfers in (press release)
  • April 2021: Elizabeth Balogun transfers to Duke; Malea Williams transfers to Cincinnati
  • June 2021: Imani Lester (2022) commits to Louisville
  • July 2021: Zyanna Walker (2022) and Jalyn Brown (2022) commit to Louisville
  • August 2021: Alexia Mobley enrolls a year early, intending to redshirt the 2021-22 season
  • October 2021: head coach Jeff Walz agrees to a contract extension through the 2027-28 season (press release)
  • February 2022: Mykasa Robinson and Ahlana Smith both announce that they plan to return to Louisville for the 2022-23 season, using their NCAA-granted extra year of eligibility (press release)
  • February 2022: Liz Dixon announces that she’ll also return for 2022-23, using her extra year of eligibility (press release)
  • March 2022: associate coach Sam Purcell is named Mississippi State head coach
  • April 2022: Solè Williams (2023) commits to Louisville (later decommitted)

2022 Louisville Women’s Basketball Commitments

*Jalyn Brown, 6-1 W, St. Frances Academy (Baltimore, MD) [committed 7/30/2021; other finalists: Maryland and NC State]

*Nyla Harris, 6-2 F, Lake Highland Prep School (Orlando, FL) [offered July 2019; committed 2/7/2021; other finalists: Florida State, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, and NC State]

*Imani Lester, 6-3 C, North Raleigh Christian Academy (NC) [committed 6/29/2021; other finalists: Clemson, UConn, Duke, East Carolina, Florida, Florida State, Mississippi State, North Carolina, North Carolina A&T, NC State, and Wake Forest]

*Zyanna Walker, 5-8 PG, Wichita Heights HS (KS) [committed 7/13/2021]

*announced as signed 11/11/2021

Former Targets

Lexus Bargesser, 5-8 PG, Grass Lake HS (MI) [offered September 2020; committed to Indiana, October 2021]

Janiah Barker, 6-3 F, Montverde Academy (FL) [committed to Texas A&M, April 2022]

Kennedy Basham, 6-7 C, Phoenix PHH Prep (AZ) [offered June 2020; Louisville among six finalists announced in February 2021; committed to Oregon, September 2021]

Lauren Betts, 6-7 C, Grandview HS (Aurora, CO) [Louisville among ten finalists announced in July 2020; committed to Stanford, January 2021]

Shay Bollin, 6-3 F, Bridgewater-Raynham HS (MA) [offered November 2018; committed to Duke, October 2020]

KK Bransford, 5-10 G, Mount Notre Dame HS (Cincinnati, OH) [Louisville among 12 finalists announced in September 2020; not among five finalists announced in September 2021]

Shay Ciezki, 5-7 PG, St. Mary’s HS (Lancaster, NY) [committed to Penn State, September 2021]

Talaysia Cooper, 6-0 PG, East Clarendon HS (Turbeville, SC) [offered July 2019; Louisville not among seven finalists announced in July 2021]

Alyssa Crockett, 6-2 W, Westfield HS (IN) [offered July 2020; committed to Michigan, March 2021]

Ysabella Fontleroy, 6-1 W, Kickapoo HS (Springfield, MO)

Timea Gardiner, 6-1 F, Fremont HS (Plain City, UT) [Louisville not among six finalists reported in October 2020]

Aaliyah Gayles, 5-9 PG, Spring Valley HS (Las Vegas, NV) [offered July 2018; Louisville among 10 finalists announced in September 2020; committed to Southern Cal, November 2020]

Kailyn Gilbert, 5-8 PG, Seffner Christian Academy (FL) [offered July 2019; among eight finalists announced in November 2020; committed to Arizona, January 2021]

Chance Gray, 5-9 PG, Lakota West HS (West Chester, OH) [Louisville not among nine finalists announced in September 2020]

Tionna Herron, 6-4 F, DeSoto HS (TX) [offered June 2019; committed to Kentucky, December 2020]

Tineya Hylton, 5-7 PG, Royal Crown Academic School (Scarborough, ON) [Louisville among 14 finalists announced in January 2021; not among four finalists announced in August 2021]

Christeen Iwuala, 6-3 C, San Antonio Reagan HS (TX) [offered July 2020; committed to UCLA, September 2021]

Ashlon Jackson, 5-10 G, Hardin-Jefferson HS (TX) [Louisville among five finalists announced in November 2020; committed to Duke, January 2021]

Camille Jackson, 5-11 PG, Butler College Prep (Chicago, IL) [Louisville among nine finalists announced in April 2021; committed to Illinois, July 2021]

Londynn Jones, 5-6 PG, Santiago HS (Corona, CA) [Louisville among ten finalists announced in November 2020; committed to UCLA, April 2021]

Amiya Joyner, 6-2 F, Farmville Central HS (NC) [offered July 2020; Louisville not among five finalists announced in August 2021]

Darianna Littlepage-Buggs, 6-0 W, Classen School of Advanced Studies (Oklahoma City, OK) [offered December 2019; Louisville not among 10 finalists announced in August 201]

Brianna McDaniel, 5-11 G, Kenwood Academy (Chicago, IL) [offered August 2020; Louisville among six finalists; committed to Texas A&M, August 2021]

Cotie McMahon, 5-10 G/W, Centerville HS (OH) [offered September 2018; committed to Ohio State, December 2020]

Amina Muhammad, 6-3 F, DeSoto HS (TX) [offered July 2020; committed to Texas, May 2021]

Ndjakalenga Mwenentanda, 6-2 W, Washington HS (Sioux Falls, SD) [committed to Texas, August 2021]

Maya Nnaji , 6-3 F, Hopkins HS (Minnetonka, MN) [offered May 2020; Louisville among 13 finalists announced in October 2020; committed to Arizona, May 2021]

Ayanna Patterson, 6-3 W, Homestead HS (Fort Wayne, IN) [offered April 2018; Louisville among five finalists announced in March 2021; committed to UConn, March 2021]

Kiki Rice, 5-11 PG, Sidwell Friends School (Washington, DC) [Louisville among 11 finalists announced in August 2020; not among her narrowed list of five finalists]

Lazaria Spearman, 6-2 F, Dacula HS (GA) [Louisville among three finalists announced in July 2019; committed to Miami (FL), January 2021]

Grace VanSlooten, 6-3 W/F, Toledo Notre Dame Academy (OH) [offered July 2019; Louisville not among ten finalists announced in November 2020]

Ashlyn Watkins, 6-3 C, Cardinal Newman School (Columbia, SC) [Louisville not among four finalists announced in August 2021]

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Disclaimers: The roster information, offers, and commitments are all unofficial. Offers come and go, so some offers listed may no longer be on the table, and some offers are erroneously reported. In addition, the target lists are inevitably incomplete because offers are not publicly reported for many prospects.

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