2021 Women’s Basketball Commitments

D-I women’s basketball commitments for the 2021 recruiting class, arranged alphabetically by school (last updated: January 20, 2020). A link to an article on the player’s commitment is included, if available (linked via “committed”).

Number of 2021 women’s basketball prospects committed: 111

Latest commitments*: Pitt (Jan. 20), Colgate (Jan. 8), Columbia (Jan. 7), Iowa State (Jan. 7), Furman (Jan. 6), William & Mary (Jan. 5), Vanderbilt (Jan. 4), Utah (Jan. 1), Creighton (Dec. 21)

*Dates here and below may be when a commitment was announced or otherwise made public, rather than when the prospect actually told the school she was committing.

See also:

Abilene Christian
Niyah Johnson, 6-1 F, Clear Springs HS (League City, TX) [committed 7/27/2019]

Abby Carter, 5-11 W, Eastlake North HS (OH) [committed 7/29/2019]

Zakia Rasheed, 5-8 G, Bishop Chatard HS (Indianapolis, IN) [committed 12/8/2019]

Emrie Ellis, 6-2 C, Vanoss HS (Ada, OK) [committed 11/18/2018]

Ashlyn Sage, 6-1 W, Weatherford HS (OK) [committed 10/19/2019]

Samara Spencer, 5-9 G, St. Thomas Aquinas HS (Fort Lauderdale, FL) [committed 11/16/2019]

Arkansas State
Reagan Rapert, 5-6 PG, Union HS (MO) [committed 6/6/2019] {decommitted 1/1/2020}

Ball State
Ally Becki, 5-8 PG, Brownsburg HS (IN) [committed 8/6/2019]

Tessa Miller, 6-2 F, Stone Memorial HS (Crossville, TN) [committed 11/18/2019]

Boston College
Allison Palmieri, 5-10 G, Trumbull HS (CT) [committed 11/9/2019]

Boston University
Alexandra Giannaros, 5-6 G, Tabor Academy (Marion, MA) [committed 8/31/2019]

Bowling Green
Zoe Miller, 6-0 F/C, Berlin Hiland HS (OH) [committed 6/3/2019]

Amy Velasco, 5-7 PG, Centerville HS (OH) [committed 8/23/2019]

Abbie Draper, 6-1 F, Waverly Shell-Rock HS (IA) [committed 10/8/2019]

Sasha Koenig, 5-5 PG, West Branch HS (IA) [committed 9/28/2019]

Caroline Waite, 5-4 PG, Ames HS (IA) [committed 9/16/2019]

Callie Ziebell, 6-2 F, Sparta HS (WI) [committed 10/12/2019]

Emma Calvert, 6-4 C, Fremont HS (Plain City, UT) [committed 8/31/2019]

Amber Kartchner, 5-9 G, Logan HS (UT) [committed 11/26/2019]

Danielle McTeer, 5-11 G/F, Hampton HS (VA) [committed 10/19/2019]

Niveya Henley, 5-11 SG, Montverde Academy (FL) [committed 6/5/2019] {attended Mt. Spokane HS (Mead, WA) prior to the 2019-20 school year}

Alex Richard, 6-1 W, Avon HS (IN) [committed 5/1/2019]

Clarissa Craig, 6-2 F, Cincinnati Roger Bacon HS (OH) [committed 9/9/2019]

Eno Inyang, 6-3 C, St. Cloud HS (FL) [committed 10/13/2019]

Sydney Standifer, 5-8 PG, Argyle HS (TX) [committed 1/5/2019]

Morgan McMahon, 5-8 PG, St. James School (Hagerstown, MD) [committed 1/8/2020]

Kindyll Wetta, 5-9 PG, Valor Christian HS (Highlands Ranch, CO) [committed 1/16/2019]

Kitty Henderson, 5-9 PG, Sydney, Australia [committed 1/7/2020]

Amari DeBerry, 6-5 F/C, Williamsville South HS (NY) [committed 11/8/2019]

Saylor Poffenbarger, 6-1 W, Middletown HS (MD) [committed 7/18/2019]

Lexi Unruh, 5-11 G, Sioux Falls Christian HS (SD) [committed 12/21/2019]


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