Devyn Quigley

Year: 2024

Height: 5-11

Position: SG/W

High School: Manchester Township HS (NJ)

Recruiting Status: Four finalists (see below)


Recruiting Summary for Devyn Quigley

August official visit: Wisconsin

September official visits: Texas A&M, Rutgers, NC State


Devyn Quigley’s Stellar Junior Year (The Talon, 6/2/2023)

Coach Beauchemin, the head coach of the varsity basketball team, explained that not only is Quigley an outstanding player, but also a tremendous leader. He said, “The most impressive aspect of Devyn’s performance on the court this year was her leadership ability.  She demonstrated how to approach each day of the season to her teammates at a very high level.  She led by example in all aspects.  Her physical approach to each practice was important for the younger players to see and her vocal leadership was as well.  She was always available to assist any teammate at any time.”


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