Meg Newman

Year: 2021

Height: 6-3

Position: W

High School: North Central (Indianapolis, IN)

Recruiting Status: Undecided


Recruiting Summary

offers in 2018:

  • July: Eastern Illinois
  • August: Ball State
  • September: Indiana State, Purdue
  • October: Dayton, Marquette, Villanova
  • December: Illinois, Wisconsin

offers in 2019:

  • January: Pitt
  • April: Indiana, Washington State
  • May: Butler, DePaul, Minnesota, UNLV, Penn State, Vanderbilt
  • June: Arizona, Arizona State, Michigan, Northwestern
  • July: North Carolina
  • September: Texas Tech, Utah
  • October: Maryland, Michigan State


Sophomore Meg Newman begins heavy recruitment (NCHS Live!, 1/22/2019)

Although she is only a sophomore and has plenty of time to decide what college she would like to play at, she does have some plans for playing ball in the future. Newman plans to play at a school in one of the power five conferences. Also, Newman plans to play for a school that has one of the top 10 programs in the country.


Meg Newman was too big, too strong, and also too good.  Newman was the catalyst in her team’s 100-point performance as she was able to do what she wanted when she wanted to. For my money, she was the most dominant player in the gym.  Countless amounts of times, she was able to rebound or receive an outlet, and go coast to coast.  She was unstoppable in transition and a force on the boards.  Newman did most of her work off the dribble as she displayed great touch around the rim, especially on her 8-foot push shot in the middle of the lane.

LBInsider, 8/18/2019



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