Kiyomi McMiller

Year: 2024

Height: 5-8

Position: PG

High School: Life Center Academy (Burlington, NJ)

Recruiting Status: Seven finalists (see below)

Notes: born in and originally from Silver Spring, MD; previously attended Trinity Collegiate School (Darlington, SC)

Recruiting Summary for Kiyomi McMiller

February 23, 2023: announced “top 25 offers”—Arizona State, Baylor, DePaul, Florida State, George Mason, Georgetown, Georgia, Harvard, James Madison, Kentucky, LSU, Michigan, Michigan State, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, North Carolina, NC State, Ohio State, Penn State, Rhode Island, Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple, Texas, Texas A&M

*reportedly also being recruited by South Carolina and Tennessee

August 15, 2023: announced top ten schools—UCF, Florida State, George Mason, James Madison, Louisville, Ole Miss, Penn State, Rutgers, Temple, West Virginia

August 25, 2023: narrowed list to a final seven—UCF, Florida State, James Madison, Ole Miss, Penn State, Rutgers, Temple


“It’s a show”: Meet Kiyomi McMiller, a top 2024 recruit with lofty goals (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/6/2023)

“It’s a show, that’s how I take basketball as, a show, and people are coming to watch you,” said the Life Center Academy point guard. “If you go to watch a movie, you don’t want the movie to be boring. You want to be entertained, so that’s how I take basketball. It’s a show; people are coming to watch to be entertained.” . . .

While she might be in the Philly area now, her basketball style is strongly influenced by the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) area, since it’s where she grew up playing and where her parents coached.

“Kiyomi is a reactionary player, so she sees things, she processes it, but she sees and processes a lot faster than most players,” Mike McMiller said. “She’s [also] putting on a show, but the show is not to showboat, like people like to say. Everybody has a different style; that’s just her style of play … a DMV style of play.”

Point Guard Kiyomi Mcmiller Signs First High School NIL Deal with Jordan Brand (Black Enterprise, 2/23/2023)

Point guard Kiyomi McMiller has become the first high schooler to sign a name, image, and likeness (NIL) deal with the popular Jordan Brand. . . .

“It’s a dream come true being with the brand that stands for the same passion that I have for the game. I look forward to encouraging basketball players to use their creativity and platform to define their purpose,” McMiller said.


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