Me’Arah O’Neal

Year: 2024

Height: 6-3

Position: F/C

High School: Episcopal HS (Bellaire, TX)

Recruiting Status: Eight finalists (see below)

Notes: daughter of Shaquille O’Neal

Recruiting Summary for Me’Arah O’Neal

first offer: Virginia (July 2021)

August 2021 offer: UCLA

offers (date unknown): Howard, TCU

offers in 2023:

August 3, 2023: announced top eight schools—Arizona State, Baylor, Cal, Florida, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, LSU, Tennessee

official visits: Florida (September)


Shaq knows his daughter is set to be a basketball star. But thanks to ‘déjà vu parenting,’ he refuses to influence how she gets there. (Insider, 8/22/2023)

“I try not to get in the way,” Shaq told Insider. “And the reason is I believe in déjà vu parenting.”

The Los Angeles Lakers legend — who has become a prominent television personality as a co-host of “Inside the NBA” on TNT — went on to explain that he received “a million letters” from colleges seeking to bring his talent to their campus. And while his father “probably wanted me to go to Georgetown or North Carolina,” as Shaq recalled, he “let me make my own decision.”

. . .

“Of course, I’d love her to play for my alma mater,” Shaq admitted. “But I want her to go somewhere where she’s gonna be loved, appreciated, and somewhere where they’re gonna be able to showcase her talent.”

“So if that’s LSU, that’d be good, but I never wanted to be that dad,” he added. “I gotta stick with how I was raised — and it worked. And I feel that if I break the system, everything will be doomed.”


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