Serena Sundell

Year: 2021

Height: 6-0

Position: PG

High School: Maryville (MO)

Recruiting Status: Verbally committed to Kansas State

Notes: Nickname of HS is the Spoofhounds.

Recruiting Summary for Serena Sundell

April 2018 offer: Northwest Missouri State (D-II)

offers in 2019:

  • April: Providence
  • May: North Dakota State
  • June: Saint Louis
  • July: Colorado State, Indiana State
  • August: Cleveland State, Missouri State
  • November: Butler
  • December: Kansas City

offers in 2020:

  • January: Kansas State, South Dakota State
  • February: Drake

March 29, 2020: committed to Kansas State


Serena’s Support: Maryville junior keeping the game fun amidst rise and records (News-Press Now, 12/24/2019)

On the court, Sundell possess all the skills. From being the primary ball-handler for the 6-1 Spoofhounds to a scorer at all three levels, even showing an elite level to defend and rebound, there isn’t anything she does that doesn’t impress coach Quentin Albrecht.

“If you like basketball, what you’ll really like about Serena is she’ll dazzle you with the ball in her hand,” Albercht said, “but watch her on offense when she doesn’t have the ball in her hand, watch how she plays defense and watch how she goes for boards. She’s a complete player.”


See her MaxPreps page.

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