Kayla McPherson

Year: 2021

Height: 5-7

Position: PG

High School: Madison County (Danielsville, GA)

Recruiting Status: Verbally committed to North Carolina


Recruiting Summary for Kayla McPherson

June 5, 2020: announced top five schools: Arizona, Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, North Carolina, and NC State

August 16, 2020: committed to North Carolina


Madison County’s Kayla McPherson is a hoops star. How has recruiting changed, and when will she release her top-10? (Athens Banner Herald, 5/27/2020)

RD: Assuming we can get back to in-person activities, do you plan to visit schools for recruiting trips?

KM: I do want to get on some campuses and see the schools. It would really help my decision a lot more. If I can’t, I’m not going to cry about it. It’s going to be something I’ll have to deal with.

Madison County’s McPherson ready to revolutionize women’s basketball (Athens Banner Herald, 2/13/2020)

“To be honest, I’ve coached a long time,” Hubbard said. “This kid can take basketball as far as it can go. Kayla can make money down the road playing basketball. I truly believe that. That kid is before her time.”

When Hubbard says that McPherson is before her time, he means the way her athleticism sets her apart on a basketball court.

How McPherson can handle the ball, split a double team with ease, find an open teammate in the corner for a 3 or pull up for a jumper at the free throw line.



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