2020 Women’s Basketball Commitments

D-I women’s basketball commitments for the 2020 recruiting class, arranged alphabetically by school (last updated: June 23, 2020). A link to an article on the player’s commitment is included, if available (linked via “committed”).

Note for early signing period and beyond: Links to press releases from schools officially announcing signings will be added if available. Players who signed an NLI with the school are indicated with ^ before their name.

Number of 2020 women’s basketball prospects committed or signed: 1,428
juco transfers: 232 (16.2%)

Latest commitments/signings*: June 23: Boise State, Southern Utah (2); June 22: Penn State; June 19: UNC Asheville; June 18: Jackson State, Penn State; June 15: Louisville; June 12: Appalachian State, Central Arkansas, Portland; June 11: Albany, Middle Tennessee, Northeastern; June 10: Dayton; June 8: Sacramento State, Utah Valley; June 5: Austin Peay; June 4: Auburn, Mississippi State; June 3: Hartford, Hofstra, Oregon, Prairie View A&M; June 2: Western Michigan; June 1: Detroit Mercy, Kansas City, Saint Peter’s; May 29: Cal Poly, UC Riverside, Southern

*Dates here and below may be when a commitment was announced or otherwise made public, rather than when the prospect actually told the school she was committing.

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Abilene Christian
press release on the signing of Emborsky, Horyna, Matthews, Morgan, and Stevenson
^Paige Emborsky, 5-7 juco sophomore PG, Niagara County CC (NY) / Newfane, NY [committed 9/23/2019]

^Katie Horyna, 5-9 PG, Liberal HS (KS) [committed 6/18/2019]

^Hannah Matthews, 6-2 C, Centerville HS (TX) [signed 11/14/2019]

^Taylor Morgan, 5-7 G, Aledo HS (TX) [committed 8/23/2018]

^Alice Stevenson, 5-10 G/W, Perkins-Tryon HS (OK) [committed 3/12/2019]

Air Force
^Madison Adamson, 6-0 W, Hoover HS (AL) [committed 6/22/2019]

Jordan Goodwin, 5-8 PG, Antelope HS (CA) [committed 7/1/2019]

^Dasha Macmillan, 6-1 F, Grapevine HS (TX) [committed 6/24/2019]

Shadiya Thomas, 5-7 G, Cypress Ranch HS (Houston, TX) [committed 11/26/2019]

press release on the signing of Carter, Edwards Murphy, and Garry
^Alanna Carter, 5-10 G, Mason HS (OH) [committed 10/15/2018]

^Sabhbh Edwards Murphy, 6-2 C, County Clare, Ireland [committed 7/2/2019]

^Kate Garry, 5-8 G, Loveland HS (OH) [committed 10/16/2018]

^Alexis Stewart, 5-10 W, Southwest Academy (London, ON) [committed 1/12/2020; signed 4/16/2020]

press release on the signing of Gordon and Jones
press release on the signing of Busby-Dunphy and Koang
^Alana Busby-Dunphy, 6-2 juco redshirt freshman F, Dodge City CC (KS) / Eureka, CA [signed 4/15/2020]

^Myra Gordon, 5-11 G, L.D. Bell HS (Hurst, TX) [committed/signed 11/13/2019]

^Keyara Jones, 5-7 juco sophomore G, Jones College (MS) / Heidelberg, MS [signed 11/13/2019]

^Ruth Koang, 6-5 juco sophomore F, South Plains College (TX) / Rochester, NY [committed 3/20/2020; signed 4/15/2020]

Alabama A&M
press release on the signing of Austin and Burgin
^Azonya Austin, 5-6 G, North Cobb HS (Kennesaw, GA) [committed July 2019]

^Darian Burgin, 5-7 SG, Walnut Hills HS (Cincinnati, OH) [committed 9/15/2019]

press release on the signing of Daniels, Dullard, Klaczek, Schneringer, and Walsh
^Caitlynn Daniels, 5-7 PG, Xavier HS (Cedar Rapids, IA) [committed 10/2/2018]

^Lindsey Dullard, 6-1 W, Morton HS (IL) [committed 10/20/2018]

^Emily Klaczek, 5-9 G, Fremd HS (Palatine, IL) [committed 8/3/2019]

^Kylee Schneringer, 5-11 SG, Normal Community HS (IL) [committed 6/26/2018]

^LaMiracle Sims, 6-1 juco sophomore F, Jones College (MS) / Moss Point, MS [signed 11/13/2019]

^Maddie Walsh, 6-1 G/F, Arrowhead HS (Hartland, WI) [committed 10/25/2018]

Alabama State
press release on the signing of Grace, Pearson, and Sanders
^Malia Grace, 6-2 C, Grayson HS (Loganville, GA) [committed 9/7/2019]

^Farrah Pearson, 5-8 W/F, Hazel Green HS (AL) [committed 10/21/2019]

^Da’Kiyah Sanders, 5-2 PG, Ramsay HS (Birmingham, AL) [committed 11/14/2019]

^Tamirea Thomas, 6-3 C, Pike Road HS (Montgomery County, AL) [signed 4/27/2020]

press release on the signing of Cooper, Hayes, and Thayne
^Kayla Cooper, 6-0 F, St. John’s Catholic Prep (Frederick, MD) [committed 7/4/2019]

^Channa Hayes, 5-7 G, Bishop McNamara HS (Forestville, MD) [committed 7/2/2019]

^Stella Popp, 5-10 G, Vienna, Austria [signed 6/11/2020]

^Logan Thayne, 6-1 F, Hoosick Falls HS (NY) [committed 6/19/2019]

Alcorn State
press release on the signing of Johnson and Watkins

^Kailyn Watkins, 5-7 G, Crenshaw HS (Los Angeles, CA) [signed 11/14/2019]

press release on the signing of Bales and Johns
^Ivy Bales, 5-10 G, Gatlinburg-Pittman HS (TN) [committed 7/27/2019]

^Kayla Henning, 5-7 PG, Evanston HS (IL) [committed 4/1/2020; signed 4/17/2020]

^Emily Johns, 6-1 F/C, Washington Township HS (NJ) [committed 5/28/2019]

Keagan Schwab, 5-9 G, South County HS (Lorton, VA) [committed 2/10/2020]

Appalachian State
press release on the signing of Alston, Ash-Smith, Bertolina, and Trumm
^Faith Alston, 5-7 G, Paul VI Catholic HS (Fairfax, VA) [committed 8/7/2019]

^Mackenzie Ash-Smith, 6-0 F, Dawson College (Westmount, Quebec) [committed 11/18/2019]

^Dane Bertolina, 5-10 CG, Charlotte Catholic HS (NC) [committed 1/25/2019]

Zahra Daniel, 5-9 juco redshirt freshman G, Broward College (FL) / Miami, FL [committed 6/12/2020]

^Bailey Trumm, 5-7 G, Powell HS (TN) [committed 6/19/2018]

^Derin Erdogan, 5-8 CG, Istanbul, Turkey [committed 11/28/2018]

^Marta García, 6-3 F, Seville, Spain [committed 1/9/2020; signed 4/15/2020]

^Lauren Ware, 6-5 C, Bismarck Century HS (ND) [committed 9/7/2019]

Arizona State
press release on the signing of Besselink, Burton, Erikstrup, Levings, and Simmons
^Maggie Besselink, 6-1 F, Holy Cross Catholic SS (Kingston, ON) [committed 10/14/2019]

^Gabriela Bosquez, 5-7 juco sophomore G, Blinn College (TX) / Kyle, TX [signed 4/17/2020]

^Keeli Burton, 6-3 F/C, Eastlake HS (Sammamish, WA) [committed 10/15/2018]

^Sydney Erikstrup, 6-1 W, Beaverton HS (OR) [committed 11/26/2018]

^Imogen Greenslade, 6-4 C, Sydney, Australia [committed 12/3/2019; signed 4/15/2020]

^Katelyn Levings, 6-3 F, Edmond Memorial HS (OK) [committed 11/19/2018]

^Jaddan Simmons, 5-8 PG, Green Bay Southwest HS (WI) [committed 6/24/2019]

press release on the signing of Eaton, McGhee, and Langerman
^Elauna Eaton, 5-11 G, Nettleton HS (Jonesboro, AR) [committed 10/30/2019]

^Destinee McGhee, 6-2 C, Madison Academy (AL) [committed 11/10/2018]

^Rylee Langerman, 5-9 PG, Christian Heritage Academy (Del City, OK) [committed 11/28/2018]

Arkansas–Pine Bluff
press release on the signing of Bethea, Busby, Green, Peat, Simmons, and Walker
^Jazzeem Bethea, 5-9 juco sophomore W, Howard CC (TX) / Seattle, WA [signed 5/2/2020]

^Takaylan Busby, F, Dallas Skyline HS (TX) [signed 11/18/2019]

^Ashlynn Green, 5-9 G, Martin Luther King Jr. HS (Lithonia, GA) [signed 5/2/2020]

^Maya Peat, 6-5 C, Chandler HS (AZ) [committed 3/30/2020]

^Kayla Simmons, 6-1 juco sophomore F, Mississippi Gulf Coast CC / Jackson, MS [committed 4/1/2020]

^Kalia Walker, 5-5 juco freshman G, Arkansas Baptist CC / Alexander, AR [signed 5/2/2020]

Arkansas State
press release on the signing of Cantone, Dames, and Finger
^Jordyn Brown, 5-8 juco sophomore G, Fresno City College (CA) / Clovis, CA [committed 4/13/2020; signed 4/15/2020]

^Hilani Cantone, 5-8 SG, Apopka HS (FL) [committed 10/4/2019]

^Victoria Dames, 6-0 W, Grayson HS (Loganville, GA) [committed 8/18/2019]

Hannah Edwards, 5-8 CG, Milton HS (GA) [committed 2/8/2020]

^Aniya Finger, 6-0 W, Hopewell HS (Huntersville, NC) [committed 9/17/2019]

^Karolina Szydlowska, 6-0 juco sophomore F, Seward County CC (KS) / Wroclaw, Poland [signed 5/12/2020]

^Seynabou “Zeyna” Thiam, 6-6 C, Dakar, Senegal [signed 4/24/2020]

Melanie George, 5-5 G, Fairfax HS (VA) [committed 8/30/2019]

Katherine “Kate” Goostrey, 5-7 G, Rosary Academy (Fullerton, CA) [committed 9/6/2019]

^Kaci Helmick, 5-7 SG, Spruce Creek HS (Port Orange, FL) [committed 8/7/2019]

^McKenzie Muse, 6-2 F, Bryant HS (AR) [committed 5/3/2019]

press release on the signing of Patton and Reese
^Aissetou Coulibaly, 6-0 G, IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL) / Mali [signed 6/4/2020]

Riley Donahue, 5-10 SG, Marist School (Atlanta, GA) [committed 4/17/2020]

^Romi Levy, 6-2 F, Herzliya, Israel [signed 4/27/2020]

^Kira Lowery, 5-7 juco sophomore CG, Dyersburg State CC (TN) / Memphis, TN [committed 4/17/2020; signed 4/30/2020]

^Keya Patton, 5-6 juco sophomore G, Wabash Valley College (IL) / Indianapolis, IN [committed 3/31/2020]

^Alycia Reese, 5-9 juco sophomore SG, Chattahoochee Valley CC (AL) / Columbus, GA [committed 4/8/2020]

^Austin Peay
press release on the signing of Kimbrough and Ward
^Nina De Leon, 5-6 PG, Montverde Academy (FL) / hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico [committed 5/13/2020; signed 5/25/2020]

^Selina Dockery, 6-0 juco sophomore G, New Mexico JC / Helsinki, Finland [signed 6/5/2020]

^Ashlynn Freeman, 6-1 F, Manvel HS (TX) [signed 4/16/2020]

^Jayla Kimbrough, 5-9 G, Southwest DeKalb HS (Decatur, GA) [signed 11/14/2019]

^Kemia Ward, 6-2 F, Holy Spirit Prep (Atlanta, GA) [signed 11/14/2019]


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