2020 Women’s Basketball Commitments

D-I women’s basketball commitments for the 2020 recruiting class, arranged alphabetically by school (last updated: September 18, 2020). A link to an article on the player’s commitment is included, if available (linked via “committed”).

Note for early signing period and beyond: Links to press releases from schools officially announcing signings will be added if available. Players who signed an NLI with the school are indicated with ^ before their name.

Number of 2020 women’s basketball prospects committed or signed: 1,469
juco transfers: 250 (17%)
from outside the United States (and not a juco transfer): 148 (10.1%)

Latest commitments/signings/additions*: September 14: Oklahoma State; September 13: NJIT; September 10: Air Force; August 31: Cornell; August 26: UC Irvine (2); August 26: Tulsa; August 25: Detroit Mercy; August 21: Pitt

*Dates here and below may be when a commitment was announced or otherwise made public, rather than when the prospect actually told the school she was committing. The date here could also be when the prospect was added as a signee to this list (if the date of the signing isn’t known).

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Abilene Christian
press release on the signing of Emborsky, Horyna, Matthews, Morgan, and Stevenson
^Paige Emborsky, 5-7 juco sophomore PG, Niagara County CC (NY) / Newfane, NY [committed 9/23/2019]

^Sarah Griswold, 6-0 juco sophomore F, Northern Oklahoma College / Geary, OK [signed 4/17/2020; will have three years of eligibility at ACU]

^Katie Horyna, 5-9 PG, Liberal HS (KS) [committed 6/18/2019]

^Hannah Matthews, 6-2 C, Centerville HS (TX) [signed 11/14/2019]

^Taylor Morgan, 5-7 G, Aledo HS (TX) [committed 8/23/2018]

^Alice Stevenson, 5-10 G/W, Perkins-Tryon HS (OK) [committed 3/12/2019]

Air Force
press release on the signing of Britt, Goodwin, Jones, Macmillan, Pilson, Siler, and Thomas (Adamson was not mentioned in the release and is not on the AF 2020-21 roster—she will perhaps attend USAFA Prep for a year)
^Madison Adamson, 6-0 W, Hoover HS (AL) [committed 6/22/2019]

^Taylor Britt, 5-7 G, USAFA Prep / Spring Valley HS (Columbia, SC)

^Jordan Goodwin, 5-6 PG, Antelope HS (CA) [committed 7/1/2019]

^Kamryn “Kam” Jones, 5-11 F, USAFA Prep / Westview HS (Portland, OR)

^Darya “Dasha” Macmillan, 6-0 F, Grapevine HS (TX) [committed 6/24/2019]

^Kayla Pilson, 5-10 G/F, USAFA Prep / Westside HS (Houston, TX)

^Tatyana Siler, 5-11 F, USAFA Prep / Charles Henderson HS (Troy, AL)

^Shadiya Thomas, 5-8 PG, Cypress Ranch HS (Houston, TX) [committed 11/26/2019]

press release on the signing of Carter, Edwards Murphy, and Garry
^Alanna Carter, 5-10 G, Mason HS (OH) [committed 10/15/2018]

^Sabhbh Edwards Murphy, 6-2 C, County Clare, Ireland [committed 7/2/2019]

^Kate Garry, 5-8 G, Loveland HS (OH) [committed 10/16/2018]

^Alexis Stewart, 5-10 W, Southwest Academy (London, ON) [committed 1/12/2020; signed 4/16/2020]

press release on the signing of Gordon and Jones
press release on the signing of Busby-Dunphy and Koang
^Alana Busby-Dunphy, 6-2 juco redshirt freshman F, Dodge City CC (KS) / Eureka, CA [signed 4/15/2020]

^Myra Gordon, 5-11 G, L.D. Bell HS (Hurst, TX) [committed/signed 11/13/2019]

^Keyara Jones, 5-7 juco sophomore G, Jones College (MS) / Heidelberg, MS [signed 11/13/2019]

^Ruth Koang, 6-5 juco sophomore F, South Plains College (TX) / Rochester, NY [committed 3/20/2020; signed 4/15/2020]

Alabama A&M
press release on the signing of Austin and Burgin
^Azonya Austin, 5-6 G, North Cobb HS (Kennesaw, GA) [committed July 2019]

^Darian Burgin, 5-7 SG, Walnut Hills HS (Cincinnati, OH) [committed 9/15/2019]

press release on the signing of Daniels, Dullard, Klaczek, Schneringer, and Walsh
^Caitlynn Daniels, 5-7 PG, Xavier HS (Cedar Rapids, IA) [committed 10/2/2018]

^Lindsey Dullard, 6-1 W, Morton HS (IL) [committed 10/20/2018]

^Emily Klaczek, 5-9 G, Fremd HS (Palatine, IL) [committed 8/3/2019]

^Kylee Schneringer, 5-11 SG, Normal Community HS (IL) [committed 6/26/2018]

^LaMiracle Sims, 6-1 juco sophomore F, Jones College (MS) / Moss Point, MS [signed 11/13/2019]

^Maddie Walsh, 6-1 G/F, Arrowhead HS (Hartland, WI) [committed 10/25/2018]

Alabama State
press release on the signing of Grace, Pearson, and Sanders
^Malia Grace, 6-2 C, Grayson HS (Loganville, GA) [committed 9/7/2019]

^Farrah Pearson, 5-8 W/F, Hazel Green HS (AL) [committed 10/21/2019]

^Da’Kiyah Sanders, 5-2 PG, Ramsay HS (Birmingham, AL) [committed 11/14/2019]

^Tamirea Thomas, 6-3 C, Pike Road HS (Montgomery County, AL) [signed 4/27/2020]

press release on the signing of Cooper, Hayes, and Thayne
^Kayla Cooper, 6-0 F, St. John’s Catholic Prep (Frederick, MD) [committed 7/4/2019]

^Channa Hayes, 5-7 G, Bishop McNamara HS (Forestville, MD) [committed 7/2/2019]

^Stella Popp, 5-10 G, Vienna, Austria [signed 6/11/2020]

^Logan Thayne, 6-1 F, Hoosick Falls HS (NY) [committed 6/19/2019]

Alcorn State
press release on the signing of Johnson and Watkins

^Kailyn Watkins, 5-7 G, Crenshaw HS (Los Angeles, CA) [signed 11/14/2019]

press release on the signing of Bales and Johns
^Ivy Bales, 5-10 G, Gatlinburg-Pittman HS (TN) [committed 7/27/2019]

^Kayla Henning, 5-7 PG, Evanston HS (IL) [committed 4/1/2020; signed 4/17/2020]

^Emily Johns, 6-1 F/C, Washington Township HS (NJ) [committed 5/28/2019]

Keagan Schwab, 5-9 G, South County HS (Lorton, VA) [committed 2/10/2020]

Appalachian State
press release on the signing of Alston, Ash-Smith, Bertolina, and Trumm
^Faith Alston, 5-7 G, Paul VI Catholic HS (Fairfax, VA) [committed 8/7/2019]

^Mackenzie Ash-Smith, 6-0 F, Dawson College (Westmount, Quebec) [committed 11/18/2019]

^Dane Bertolina, 5-10 CG, Charlotte Catholic HS (NC) [committed 1/25/2019]

Zahra Daniel, 5-9 juco redshirt freshman G, Broward College (FL) / Miami, FL [committed 6/12/2020]

^Bailey Trumm, 5-7 G, Powell HS (TN) [committed 6/19/2018]

^Derin Erdogan, 5-8 CG, Istanbul, Turkey [committed 11/28/2018]

^Marta García, 6-3 F, Seville, Spain [committed 1/9/2020; signed 4/15/2020]

^Lauren Ware, 6-5 C, Bismarck Century HS (ND) [committed 9/7/2019]

Arizona State
press release on the signing of Besselink, Burton, Erikstrup, Levings, and Simmons
^Maggie Besselink, 6-1 F, Holy Cross Catholic SS (Kingston, ON) [committed 10/14/2019]

^Gabriela Bosquez, 5-7 juco sophomore G, Blinn College (TX) / Kyle, TX [signed 4/17/2020]

^Keeli Burton, 6-3 F/C, Eastlake HS (Sammamish, WA) [committed 10/15/2018]

^Sydney Erikstrup, 6-1 W, Beaverton HS (OR) [committed 11/26/2018]

^Imogen Greenslade, 6-4 C, Sydney, Australia [committed 12/3/2019; signed 4/15/2020]

^Katelyn Levings, 6-3 F, Edmond Memorial HS (OK) [committed 11/19/2018]

^Jaddan Simmons, 5-8 PG, Green Bay Southwest HS (WI) [committed 6/24/2019]

press release on the signing of Eaton, McGhee, and Langerman
^Elauna Eaton, 5-11 G, Nettleton HS (Jonesboro, AR) [committed 10/30/2019]

^Destinee McGhee, 6-2 C, Madison Academy (AL) [committed 11/10/2018]

^Rylee Langerman, 5-9 PG, Christian Heritage Academy (Del City, OK) [committed 11/28/2018]

Arkansas–Pine Bluff
press release on the signing of Bethea, Busby, Green, Peat, Simmons, and Walker
^Jazzeem Bethea, 5-9 juco sophomore W, Howard CC (TX) / Seattle, WA [signed 5/2/2020]

^Takaylan Busby, F, Dallas Skyline HS (TX) [signed 11/18/2019]

^Ashlynn Green, 5-9 G, Martin Luther King Jr. HS (Lithonia, GA) [signed 5/2/2020]

Stephanie Okowi, 6-0 F, Oakland Tech HS (CA) [committed 7/29/2020]

^Maya Peat, 6-5 C, Chandler HS (AZ) [committed 3/30/2020]

^Kayla Simmons, 6-1 juco sophomore F, Mississippi Gulf Coast CC / Jackson, MS [committed 4/1/2020]

^Kalia Walker, 5-5 juco freshman G, Arkansas Baptist CC / Alexander, AR [signed 5/2/2020]

Arkansas State
press release on the signing of Cantone, Dames, and Finger
^Jordyn Brown, 5-8 juco sophomore G, Fresno City College (CA) / Clovis, CA [committed 4/13/2020; signed 4/15/2020]

^Hilani Cantone, 5-8 SG, Apopka HS (FL) [committed 10/4/2019]

^Victoria Dames, 6-0 W, Grayson HS (Loganville, GA) [committed 8/18/2019]

Hannah Edwards, 5-8 CG, Milton HS (GA) [committed 2/8/2020]

^Aniya Finger, 6-0 W, Hopewell HS (Huntersville, NC) [committed 9/17/2019]

^Karolina Szydlowska, 6-0 juco sophomore F, Seward County CC (KS) / Wroclaw, Poland [signed 5/12/2020]

^Seynabou “Zeyna” Thiam, 6-6 C, Dakar, Senegal [signed 4/24/2020]

Melanie George, 5-5 G, Fairfax HS (VA) [committed 8/30/2019]

Katherine “Kate” Goostrey, 5-7 G, Rosary Academy (Fullerton, CA) [committed 9/6/2019]

^Kaci Helmick, 5-7 SG, Spruce Creek HS (Port Orange, FL) [committed 8/7/2019]

^McKenzie Muse, 6-2 F, Bryant HS (AR) [committed 5/3/2019]

press release on the signing of Patton and Reese
^Aissetou Coulibaly, 6-0 G, IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL) / Mali [signed 6/4/2020]

Riley Donahue, 5-10 SG, Marist School (Atlanta, GA) [committed 4/17/2020]

^Romi Levy, 6-2 F, Herzliya, Israel [signed 4/27/2020]

^Kira Lowery, 5-7 juco sophomore CG, Dyersburg State CC (TN) / Memphis, TN [committed 4/17/2020; signed 4/30/2020]

^Keya Patton, 5-6 juco sophomore G, Wabash Valley College (IL) / Indianapolis, IN [committed 3/31/2020]

^Alycia Reese, 5-9 juco sophomore SG, Chattahoochee Valley CC (AL) / Columbus, GA [committed 4/8/2020]

^Austin Peay
press release on the signing of Kimbrough and Ward
^Nina De Leon, 5-6 PG, Montverde Academy (FL) / hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico [committed 5/13/2020; signed 5/25/2020]

^Selina Dockery, 6-0 juco sophomore G, New Mexico JC / Helsinki, Finland [signed 6/5/2020]

^Ashlynn Freeman, 6-1 F, Manvel HS (TX) [signed 4/16/2020]

^Jayla Kimbrough, 5-9 G, Southwest DeKalb HS (Decatur, GA) [signed 11/14/2019]

^Kemia Ward, 6-2 F, Holy Spirit Prep (Atlanta, GA) [signed 11/14/2019]

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