New and Updated on WBB Blog: Late September 2021

A rundown of new and recently updated pages on WBB Blog offering women’s basketball recruiting information on prospects and programs.

New Profile Pages on Women’s Basketball Prospects

Kyla Abraham (FL-2022)

Flau’Jae Johnson (GA-2022)

Indya Nivar (NC-2022)

Ashlyn Watkins (SC-2022)

Cori Allen (FL/TN-2023)

Sofia Bell (OR-2023)

Mary Carter (CA-2023)

Breya Cunningham (CA-2023)

Natalie Potts (MO-2023)

Amari Whiting (ID-2023)

Prospects with New Offers or Who Named Their Finalists, Took Official Visits, or Committed or Decommitted

Ryanne Allen (PA-2022)

KK Bransford (OH-2022)

Talaysia Cooper (SC-2022)

Ysabella Fontleroy (MO-2022)

Corynne Hauser (PA-2022)

Lemyah Hylton (ON-2022)

Tineya Hylton (ON-2022)

Christeen Iwuala (TX-2022)

Kiersten Johnson (TX-2022)

Amiya Joyner (NC-2022)

Darianna Littlepage-Buggs (OK-2022)

Caroline Lyles (AR-2022)

Tonie Morgan (FL-2022)

Kyla Oldacre (OH-2022)

Paulina Paris (NJ-2022)

Mya Petticord (MI-2022)

Lanae Riley (OH-2022)

Hannah Stines (CA-2022)

Grace VanSlooten (FL/OH-2022)

Madison Booker (MS-2023)

Jasmine Brown (IL-2023)

Montaya Dew (NV-2023)

Reychel Douglas (NC-2023)

Solè Williams (OH-2023)

Recently Updated School Recruiting Pages*

Arkansas (SEC)

UCLA (Pac-12)

Colorado (Pac-12)

Georgia (SEC)


Michigan (Big Ten)

Ohio State (Big Ten)

Washington (Pac-12)

*Note that other program pages have also been updated by, for example, adding a new offer or moving a target from the active to “former” category. But the pages above were updated most substantially, including an update of the program’s scholarship chart.

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