New and Updated on WBB Blog: Late October 2020

A rundown of new and recently updated pages on WBB Blog offering women’s basketball recruiting information on prospects and programs.

New Profile Pages on Women’s Basketball Prospects

Phillipina Kyei (Canada-2021)

Bree Brattain (TX-2022)

Timea Gardiner (UT-2022)

T’yana Todd (ON-2022)

New Recruiting Pages for Women’s Basketball Programs

UConn (Big East)

Prospects with New Offers or Who Named Their Finalists or Committed or Decommitted

Denae Fritz (TN-2021)

Destiny Jackson (IN-2021)

Shay Bollin (MA-2022)

Kate Clarke (IN-2022)

Lily Hansford (WI-2022)

Brianna McDaniel (IL-2022)

Caroline Shiery (PA-2022)

Lilly Stoddard (IN-2022)

Recently Updated Recruiting Pages*

Minnesota (Big Ten)

Texas (Big 12)

*Note that other program pages have also been updated by, for example, adding a new offer or moving a target from the active to “former” category. But the pages above were updated most substantially, including an update of the program’s scholarship chart.

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