New and Updated on WBB Blog: Late August 2020

Another rundown of new and recently updated pages on WBB Blog offering women’s basketball recruiting information on prospects and programs.

New Profile Pages on Women’s Basketball Prospects

Jenna Batsch (OH-2021)

Anahi-Lee Cauley (CT-2021)

Viané Cumber (NM-2021)

Chloe Dallas (WI-2021)

Destiny Jackson (IN-2021)

Rayah Marshall (CA-2021)

Sussy Ngulefac (GA-2021)

Harley Paynter (KY-2021)

Morgan Lee (CT-2022)

Mya Petticord (MI-2022)

Mallory Ramage (IL-2022)

Kiki Rice (DC-2022)

Caroline Shiery (PA-2022)

New Recruiting Pages for Women’s Basketball Programs

Oregon State (Pac-12)

Prospects with New Offers or Who Named Their Finalists or Committed or Decommitted

Shannon Clarke (KS-2021)

Chantae Embry (OK-2021)

Kendra Gillispie (OK-2021)

Carmyn Harrison (TN-2021)

Kayla McPherson (GA-2021)

Kayleigh Walton (TX-2021)

Kennedy Basham (AZ-2022)

Lexus Bargesser (MI-2022)

Alyssa Crockett (IN-2022)

Lily Hansford (WI-2022)

Brianna McDaniel (IL-2022)

Sa’Myah Smith (TX-2022)

Amauri Williams (AR-2022)

Recently Updated Recruiting Pages*

Florda State (ACC)

Iowa (Big Ten)

North Carolina (ACC)

*Note that other program pages have also been updated by, for example, adding a new offer or moving a target from the active to “former” category. But the pages above were updated most substantially, including an update of the program’s scholarship chart.

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