Coaching News: Spring/Summer 2019

Hofstra head coach Krista Kilburn-Steveskey has resigned, after 13 years in the job and 211 wins.

“I am thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to lead the Hofstra Women’s Basketball program over the last 13 years,” stated Kilburn-Steveskey. “I’m very proud of the accomplishments achieved and the student-athletes that have developed as athletes as well as outstanding people within the program. I’m grateful to have worked with wonderful people and coach so many talented student-athletes during my time here. Now, it’s the right time to step away and focus on my family.”

“Krista has been an incredible leader of our women’s basketball program for the past 13 years,” commented Cole. “We thank her immensely for her tireless work on behalf of our student-athletes and our women’s basketball program. She led our program to great heights during her tenure and we are indebted to her for all she has done to be a strong leader and advocate for our women’s basketball student-athletes and how she has represented herself within the Hofstra community.”


Single source on this, so it would be wise to be skeptical (and he also followed up by calling it a “rumor”):


A statement from Georgia Tech on the firing of head coach MaChelle Joseph says that the decision was made following an investigation launched after “student-athletes brought forward concerns about player and staff mistreatment by Joseph.” Allegations of possible NCAA violations were also reported.

Joseph was placed on leave on Feb. 27 while the investigation took place. As part of the investigation, Littler Mendelson completed 40 interviews. Individuals interviewed included Joseph, the team’s 2018-19 assistant coaches, all 13 members of the 2018-19 team, various administrators and support staff, as well as parents of student-athletes.

A final report on the investigation was submitted by Littler Mendelson on March 20. Among the findings were that every student-athlete reported “concerns regarding alleged emotional or mental mistreatment” by Joseph, and that student-athletes described the environment around the team as “toxic,” “suffocating,” “unhealthy” and “hostile” and described Joseph’s conduct as “bullying” and “emotionally, mentally and verbally ‘abusive.’”

Additionally, several student-athletes reported allegations that, if true, may constitute violations of NCAA rules, Littler Mendelson concluded. Georgia Tech has initiated a review of these allegations with the NCAA.

Joseph was given the opportunity to respond to the report. Her response was received on March 25. After reviewing the report and Joseph’s response, Georgia Tech director of athletics Todd Stansbury made the decision to dismiss Joseph on March 26. Stansbury informed Joseph of the decision during an in-person meeting.

“After learning of the concerns of women’s basketball student-athletes about Coach Joseph’s conduct, Georgia Tech retained the services of Littler Mendelson to conduct an investigation of the allegations,” Stansbury said. “The findings outlined in the report have left us no choice but to dismiss Coach Joseph.


According to her attorney, Georgia Tech head coach MaChelle Joseph was fired today.

Georgia Tech women’s basketball coach MaChelle Joseph was fired Tuesday after being put on leave on February 27 for what was termed a pending personnel matter. Joseph’s attorney made the announcement in a news release, calling it “the culmination of an unlawful campaign of retaliation against her for advocating for gender equity in athletics at Georgia Tech.”


Vanderbilt head coach Stephanie White will return for a fourth season. There had been some speculation about her fate after the recent firing of Vandy men’s basketball coach Bryce Drew. Both had been hired in the spring of 2016. White has a record of 28-63 over the course of her three seasons at the helm.

White referenced her team’s future on Twitter and Instagram Tuesday morning, indicating she would remain coach. Vanderbilt associate athletics director for communications Alan George confirmed White will return next season.


Fairleigh Dickinson announced that head coach Peter Cinella‘s contract will not be renewed. He had a twelve-year record of 126-234.

“We would like to thank Coach Cinella for his hard work and dedication to the FDU women’s basketball program and our University. Throughout his 12 seasons at the helm, Pete always focused on the best interest of his student-athletes and worked hard to lead them to success on and off of the court. We appreciate all of his contributions to our program and wish he and his family the best in all their future endeavors.”

Cinella arrived in Hackensack in 2007 as the sixth head coach in program history. Across his 12 seasons, Cinella led the Knights to nine Northeast Conference Tournament appearances and finishes his tenure with a 126-234 (.350) overall record.

“I would like to thank Fairleigh Dickinson University for giving me the opportunity to lead this program for the last 12 years,” said Cinella. “I would especially like to thank all of my assistant coaches and all the former and current players that have played for me.”


More on Northern Kentucky: The school issued a statement claiming that they’ve addressed the allegations raised against Camryn Whitaker “in accordance with university policy.”

NKU does not say if Whitaker did anything wrong and says, “We recognize the courage it takes to share personal stories. We have taken these complaints seriously and they have been thoroughly reviewed separately by the Title IX and Athletics offices.”

“There are ongoing efforts to improve communications and relationships between the program’s leadership and student-athletes,” the NKU statement says. “We are committed to fostering a safe, healthy and inclusive learning environment for anyone who is a part of our campus community.”

The university goes on to say, “Our students’ voices will be heard and the Athletics office will continue to monitor and assess our programs, taking appropriate corrective actions as needed.”

In addition, the mother of Reece Mungar (one of four NKU players who decided to transfer following the 2018-19 season) has a post up on Facebook that backs the allegations put forth by Taryn Taugher.

Looking back at our daughter’s past two years, it’s beyond comprehension that such a person is permitted to coach at the division one level, let alone any level. It’s so WRONG!!! Her trickery, lies, manipulation and segregation of players is overwhelming and constant. Secretly telling players not to hang out with others, openly calling my daughter a liar when in fact she was lying. On many occasions Whitaker even advised players to stay away from parents, likely because she felt threatened by them. She held power over the players, but couldn’t bully the parents. Her repeated abuse of many of her players leaves us with too many examples to count. She clearly knows no other way.


Taryn Taugher, a senior who just wrapped up her playing career at Northern Kentucky, has written an article alleging that head coach Camryn Whitaker has been emotionally abusing her players.

Northern Kentucky University’s athletic department seems to be willing to do anything to silence the multiple emotional abuse allegations against current women’s basketball coach, Camryn Whitaker.

Now let me be clear: There is a difference between yelling and degrading. Every student athlete has been yelled at; that is not the issue here. The issue is that this coach is making it personal by bullying and emotionally abusing some of her players behind closed doors. This does not apply to all of the players on the team. She certainly has her favorites, but a few of the others seem to be “chosen” to be her emotional “punching bags” each year, and I have been one of them from the first day Camryn Whitaker stepped onto the court for our first practice in June 2016.

Former NKU player Shar’Rae Davis has backed up Taugher’s allegations via a Facebook video.


Texas Tech has “parted ways” with assistant coach and recruiting coordinator Erin Grant, who had also been a player at the school.

Texas Tech Athletics Director Kirby Hocutt confirmed with Red Raider Nation that Grant will not return after one season on Marlene Stollings’ coaching staff.


Rumored to be the front-runner for the Portland job is Michael Meek, head coach at George Fox (D-III). He was Oregon State head coach Scott Rueck’s successor there.



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