2020 Women’s Basketball Commitments

La Salle
press release on the signing of Adams, Haynes, Kozicki, Richardson, and Tahata
^Morgan Adams, 6-1 F, New Oxford HS (PA) [committed 8/5/2019]

^Jaye Haynes, 5-8 G, Germantown Academy (Fort Washington, PA) [committed 4/30/2019]

^Michelle Kozicki, 6-0 F, Padua Academy (Wilmington, DE) [committed 7/1/2019]

^Kayla Richardson, 5-11 G/F, Middletown South HS (NJ) [committed 8/1/2019]

^Emilee Tahata, 6-1 F, Springfield, Australia [signed 11/20/2019]

press release on the signing of Andrews, Douglas, Drummond, Evans, and Lombardi
^Makayla Andrews, 5-9 G, St. Rose HS (Belmar, NJ) [committed 10/2/2019]

^Amaya Douglas, 5-11 W, Westtown School (West Chester, PA) [committed 4/23/2019]

^Kayla Drummond, 6-2 F, Crestwood Prep (Toronto, ON) [committed 10/8/2019]

^Ashley Evans, 6-3 F, Lawrence Academy (MA) [committed 4/19/2019]

^Alana Lombardi, 5-10 W, Briarcliff HS (Briarcliff Manor, NY) [committed 5/1/2019]

press release on the signing of Dean, Flowers, Galloway, and Malone
^Sabria Dean, 5-6 G, Mineola HS (TX) [committed 8/7/2019]

^Dijone Flowers, 5-7 PG, Live Oak HS (Watson, LA) [committed 10/29/2019]

^Chanielyn “Bebe” Galloway, 6-0 F, Ball HS (Galveston, TX) [committed 9/4/2019]

^Anyssia Gibbs, 5-11 juco sophomore G, Collin College (TX) / Apple Valley, CA [signed 4/15/2020]

^M’Kayla Malone, 5-9 G, Saginaw HS (TX) [committed 8/6/2019]

press release on the signing of Albrecht, Behar, Brown, Eggenschwiler, Kramer, Vargas
^Maddie Albrecht, 6-0 G, Billings West HS (MT) [signed 5/9/2020]

^Jamie Behar, 6-1 F, Oceanside HS (NY) [committed 10/4/2019]

^Maggie Brown, 6-0 W, Brentwood Academy (TN) [committed 5/2/2019]

^Fabienne Eggenschwiler, 5-10 W, Red Bank Catholic HS (NJ) [committed 5/13/2019]

^Mackenzie Kramer, 5-7 CG, St. Michael-Albertville HS (MN) [committed 3/18/2019]

^Jackie Vargas, 6-3 C, Upper Dublin HS (Fort Washington, PA) [signed 11/20/2019]

^Daliyah “Dee” Brown, 5-9 juco sophomore CG, Miami Dade College (FL) / Chicago, IL [committed 2/4/2020; signed 4/15/2020]

^Sophia d’Oliveira, 5-8 PG, Dawson County HS (Dawsonville, GA) [signed 11/14/2019]

^Alyssa Iverson, 5-7 juco sophomore CG, McHenry County College (IL) / Elgin, IL [signed 4/15/2020]

^Ana Carolina Jesus, 6-3 F/C, Setubal, Portugal [signed 4/29/2020]

^Bella Smuda, 6-5 F/C, Downingtown East HS (Exton, PA) [committed 10/14/2018; signed 11/13/2019]

^Nyah Stallings, 5-10 G, Ragsdale HS (Jamestown, NC) [signed 11/14/2019]

press release on the signing of Peete and Saleh
^Jordan Peete, 5-6 B, Ladue Horton Watkins HS (St. Louis, MO) [committed 2/28/2020]

^Diana Saleh, 6-3 C, Dearborn Fordson HS (MI) [committed 4/18/2020]

Little Rock
^Trinitee Alexander, 5-11 F, Everman HS (TX) [signed 5/1/2020]

^Tia Harvey, 5-7 G, Sachse HS (TX) [committed 9/17/2019; signed 11/15/2019]

^Mekayla Holley, 5-7 PG, Creekview HS (Carrollton, TX) [committed 8/25/2019; signed 11/15/2019]

^De’mya Young, 5-9 G, Manor HS (TX) [signed 11/18/2019]

Long Beach State
press release on the signing of Arigbabu, Chung, and Tucker
^Danelle Arigbabu, 6-3 C, Frankfurt, Germany [signed with Long Beach in May 2019 but has since reclassified to 2020 and will play at Bella Vista College Prep (Scottsdale, AZ) during the 2019-20 season]

^Patricia Chung, 5-6 PG, Mark Keppel HS (Alhambra, CA) [signed 11/20/2019]

^Savannah Tucker, 5-9 SG, Clovis North HS (Fresno, CA) [committed 9/9/2019]

Long Island University
^Dyamond Butler-Worley, 6-1 W, Shadow Mountain HS (Phoenix, AZ) [committed 8/25/2019]

^Dallas Carter, 6-0 G/W, Oxbridge Academy (West Palm Beach, FL) [signed 11/20/2019]

^Aislinn Flynn, 6-3 juco sophomore F, CCBC Essex (MD) / Point Lookout, NY [committed 3/30/2020; signed 4/15/2020]

^Zoée Hache, CG, France [signed 4/22/2020]

^Lyric Harris, 6-0 W, Roger Bacon HS (Cincinnati, OH) [committed 9/1/2019]

press release on the signing of Cadle, Nduka-Anya, and Osaro
^Elizabeth Cadle, 5-8 G, Woodrow Wilson HS (Beckley, WV) [signed 11/15/2019]

^Brooke Nduka-Anya, 6-0 F, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School (Potomac, MD) [committed 7/27/2019]

^Hannah Osaro, 6-2 C, Osbourn Park HS (Manassas, VA) [signed 11/15/2019]

UL Lafayette
press release on the signing of Green and McAfee
^Lafaedria Green, 6-0 F, Ouachita Parish HS (Monroe, LA) [signed 4/15/2020]

^Tamera Johnson, 5-11 F, Lafayette Christian Academy (LA) [committed 7/30/2019; signed 11/14/2019]

^Destiny McAfee, 5-9 juco sophomore G, Weatherford College, TX / Longview, TX [signed 4/15/2020]

UL Monroe
press release on the signing of Edwards, Hill, McDowell, Whittington, G. Williams, and S. Williams
^Tequaza “Qua” Chambers, 5-8 CG, Benton HS (LA) [committed 1/22/2020; signed 4/15/2020]

^Hannah Edwards, 6-6 C, Oak Mountain HS (Birmingham, AL) [committed 9/30/2019]

^Morgan Hill, 6-3 F, Cypress Creek HS (Houston, TX) [signed 11/14/2019]

^Tasionna “Sassy” McDowell, 6-1 G/F, Delhi HS (LA) [signed 11/14/2019]

^Kyren Whittington, 5-9 CG, Northlake Christian School (Covington, LA) [committed 9/1/2019]

^Gracen Williams, 5-6 PG, Dallas HSAA Blue (TX) [committed 7/15/2019]

^Sadie Williams, 5-10 G, East Ascension HS (Gonzales, LA) [committed 8/31/2019]

press release on the signing of Shematsi and Thompson
^Destini Lombard, 5-9 G, Hightower HS (Missouri City, TX) [committed 7/15/2019; signed 11/13/2019]

Amirah O’Neal, 6-1 C, Crossroads HS (Santa Monica, CA) [committed 4/16/2020]

^Ajae Petty, 6-1 F, Institute of Notre Dame (Baltimore, MD) [signed 11/20/2019]

^Sarah Shematsi, 6-2 juco sophomore F, South Plains College (TX) / Annecy, France [committed 10/30/2019]

^Treasure Thompson, 6-3 C, Bolingbrook HS (IL) [committed 10/28/2019]

Louisiana Tech
press release on the signing of Allensworth, Jackson, Lee, and Washington
^Korie Allensworth, 5-10 G, Empire HS (Duncan, OK) [committed 3/17/2019]

^Tyler Jackson, 5-9 G, Allen HS (TX) [committed 6/28/2019]

^Robyn Lee, 5-8 PG, Moss Point HS (MS) [committed 7/31/2019]

^Lucia Savatteri, 6-3 C, Italy [signed 5/1/2020]

^Irene Murua Txintxurreta, 6-1 F, Arrasate Mondragón, Spain [signed 4/15/2020]

^Tra’Liyah Washington, 6-1 G, Mesquite Horn HS (TX) [committed 5/3/2019]

press release on the signing of Cochran, Russell, and Smith
^Olivia Cochran, 6-3 F, Carver HS (Columbus, GA) [committed 7/27/2019]

^Merissah Russell, 5-11 G, Capital Courts Academy (Ottawa, ON) [committed 10/5/2018]

^Ahlana Smith, 5-9 juco sophomore SG, Gulf Coast State College (FL) / Charlotte, NC [committed 10/11/2019]

^Hailey Van Lith, 5-7 PG, Cashmere HS (WA) [committed/signed 11/16/2019]

^Malea Williams, 6-4 F, Scott County HS (Georgetown, KY) [signed 6/15/2020]

Loyola Chicago
press release on the signing of Chandler, Evans, and Tanin
^Maya Chandler, 5-7 CG, Triton Central HS (Fairland, IN) [committed 7/30/2019]

^Kaylen Evans, 5-8 G, Nazareth Academy (La Grange, IL) [committed 7/28/2019]

^Sitori Tanin, 6-2 F, Middleton HS (WI) [committed 6/19/2019]

Loyola Maryland
press release on the signing of Roberts, Sieper, and Steidle
^Charia Roberts, 6-0 F, Pikesville HS (Baltimore, MD) [committed 8/29/2019]

^Kayla Sieper, 6-1 F, Plant HS (Tampa, FL) [committed 6/24/2019]

^Bella Steidle, 5-11 SG, Clearview HS (Mullica Hill, NJ) [committed 6/28/2019]

^Caramina Tañedo, 5-10 G, St. John’s College HS (Washington, DC) [committed 4/8/2020; signed 4/22/2020]

Loyola Marymount
^Eliza Joynes, 6-5 F/C, Adelaide, South Austrlia [signed 4/15/2020]

^Nicole Rodriguez, 5-8 SG, Rosary Academy (Fullerton, CA) [committed 7/27/2019; signed 11/20/2019]


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