2020 Women’s Basketball Commitments

press release on the signing of Curtis, Foltz, Jennings, and Washburn
^Mia Curtis, 5-9 G, Minnehaha Academy (Minneapolis, MN) [committed 3/3/2020]

^Camryn Foltz, 6-0 G, Colts Neck HS (NJ) [committed 7/1/2019]

^Rosie Jennings, 6-1 F, Newcastle, Australia

^Carrington Washburn, 6-0 SG/W, Christ Presbyterian Academy (Nashville, TN) [committed 10/16/2019]

^Sallie Schutz, 6-2 W, Westminster Christian Academy (Watkinsville, GA) [committed 10/15/2018; signed 11/14/2019]

press release on the signing of Adkins, Brown, Cook, and LeMaster
^Bailee Adkins, 5-7 G, St. Joseph Central HS (Huntington, WV) [committed 8/26/2019]

^Capria Brown, 5-9 G, Schlarman Academy (Danville, IL) [committed 9/27/2019]

^Makira Cook, 5-6 PG, Mount Notre Dame HS (Cincinnati, OH) [committed 8/23/2019]

^Anna LeMaster, 5-9 W, Stone Bridge HS (Ashburn, VA) [committed 2/1/2019]

^Ténin Magassa, 6-5 C, Morsang-sur-Orge, France [signed 6/10/2020]

press release on the signing of Cousins and Skinner
^Tara Cousins, 5-8 G, New Hope Academy (Landover Hills, MD) [committed 8/9/2019]

^Jadaia Reid, 5-9 SG, Crestwood Prep (Toronto, ON) [committed 4/26/2020; signed 5/12/2020]

^Tyinhia “Tyi” Skinner, 5-5 PG, TPLS Christian Academy (Richmond, VA) [committed 7/18/2019]

^Mar Tejedor, 5-9 G, Barcelona, Spain [committed 12/12/2019; signed 4/16/2020]

Delaware State
^Christy Ojide, 6-4 F, Barcelona, Spain [committed 10/10/2019]

press release on the signing of Counsel, Hein, Forney, Johanson, and Levison
^Emily Counsel, 6-3 F, Perth, Western Australia [committed 5/2/2019]

^Cheyenne Forney, 6-3 F/C, Colony HS (Ontario, CA) [committed 10/8/2019]

^Rowan Hein, 5-10 G, Clovis North HS (Fresno, CA) [committed 1/7/2019]

^Mya Johanson, 6-2 F, Herscher HS (IL) [committed 9/6/2019]

^Charlotte Levison, 5-11 G, Sacred Heart Prep (Atherton, CA) [committed 7/17/2019]

press release on the signing of Holmes and Rogers
^Kendall Holmes, 5-11 SG, Benet Academy (Lisle, IL) [committed 3/29/2019]

^Darrione Rogers, 5-11 G, Lake Park HS (Roselle, IL) [committed 8/6/2018]

Detroit Mercy
press release on the signing of Puletti (Jaci Jones also signed with UDM, but she was later granted a release from her NLI)
Cierra Harrison, 5-10 juco sophomore G, Niagara County CC (NY) / Lockport, NY [committed 6/1/2020]

Sammiyah Hoskin, 5-10 juco freshman F, Wayne County CC (MI) / Wayne, MI [committed 6/24/2020]

^Maddie Puletti, 5-8 G, Gilmour Academy (Gates Mills, OH) [committed 6/6/2019]

Dixie State
^Vegas Camacho, 5-5 PG, Faith Lutheran HS (Las Vegas, NV) [committed 5/5/2019; signed 11/20/2019]

^Anabella Muscoreil, 6-3 C, Marana HS (Tucson, AZ) [committed 10/27/2019; signed 11/20/2019]

^Brooke Vance, 6-1 F, Salem Hills HS (UT) [signed 11/20/2019]

press release on the signing of Becker and Storr
^Courtney Becker, 6-0 W, Aquinas HS (La Crosse, WI) [committed 10/6/2018]

^Ambranette Storr, 5-9 G, Kankakee HS (IL) [committed 6/3/2019]

press release on the signing of Dufrane, Hodges, Sweeney, and Valentine
^Elizabeth Dufrane, 5-8 SG, McLean HS (VA) [committed 8/28/2019]

^Chloe Hodges, 6-0 W, Adelaide, Australia [signed 4/16/2020]

^Erin Sweeney, 5-10 SG, Archbishop Carroll HS (Radnor, PA) [committed 4/8/2019]

^Jasmine Valentine, 5-11 C, St. Vincent Pallotti HS (Laurel, MD) [committed 3/22/2020]

^Vanessa de Jesus, 5-8 PG, Sierra Canyon HS (Chatsworth, CA) [committed 5/21/2019; signed 11/20/2019]

press release on the signing of Langley, Linard, McConnell, and Myers
^Ny Langley, 5-9 juco sophomore CG, Cape Fear CC (NC) / Greenville, NC [signed 11/13/2019]

^Lindsey Linard, 6-4 C, Medina HS (OH) [committed 10/19/2018]

^Megan McConnell, 5-7 PG, Chartiers Valley HS (PA) [committed 6/15/2019]

^Tess Myers, 5-9 G, North Catholic HS (Cranberry Twp., PA) [committed 6/17/2019]

East Carolina
press release on the signing of Johnson, Morris, Moseley, and Rose
^Synia Johnson, 5-9 CG, Riverdale Baptist School (Upper Marlboro, MD) [committed 9/28/2019]

^Kayla Morris, 6-1 F, Montverde Academy (FL) / hometown: New York, NY [committed 10/12/2019]

^Morgan Moseley, 6-0 W, St. James School (Hagerstown, MD) [committed 6/30/2019]

^Alexsia Rose, 5-7 G, Watkinson HS (Hartford, CT) [committed 9/16/2019]

East Tennessee State
press release on the signing of Davis, Hooks, and Moore
press release on the signing of Carrington and Williams
^Abby Carrington, 5-10 G, Westlake HS (OH) [committed 4/13/2020]

^Jakhyia Davis, 6-3 C, Bearden HS (Knoxville, TN) [committed 8/16/2019]

^Carlyse Hooks, 5-8 G, Westlake HS (Atlanta, GA) [committed 11/8/2019]

^Courtney Moore, 5-7 PG, P.K. Yonge HS (Gainesville, FL) [committed 9/7/2019]

^Imani Williams, 5-11 G/F, Kankakee HS (IL) [committed 3/19/2020]

Eastern Illinois
press release on the signing of Cameron, Stafford, and Vinson
^Haley Cameron, 5-11 W, Rhea County HS (Evensville, TN) [committed 11/9/2019]

^Jackie Maulucci, 5-8 G, Hamilton Southeastern HS (Fishers, IN) [committed 3/4/2020; signed 4/15/2020]

^Parker Stafford, 6-0 F, Marian HS (Omaha, NE) [committed 9/10/2019]

^Alana Vinson, 5-11 CG, Roncalli HS (Indianapolis, IN) [committed 8/17/2019]

Eastern Kentucky
press release on the signing of Steele and Wingler [García is staying in Spain]
press release on the signing of Evans and Gianesini
^Corriana Evans, 5-11 W, Spalding HS (Griffin, GA) [committed 4/11/2020; signed 4/15/2020]

^Dafne Gianesini, 6-0 F, Reggio Emilia, Italy [signed 4/15/2020]

^Alice Recanati, 5-9 G, Bergamo, Italy [signed]

^Amerah Steele, 5-9 G, South Laurel HS (London, KY) [committed 7/17/2018]

^Kendall Wingler, 5-10 G, Meade County HS (Brandenburg, KY) [committed 9/25/2019]

Eastern Michigan
^Makailah Griggs-Zeigler, 5-11 W, Wayne Memorial HS (MI) [committed 3/10/2020; signed 4/15/2020]

^ZaNiya Nelson, 5-10 SG, Putnam City West HS (Oklahoma City, OK) [committed 8/7/2018; signed 11/13/2019]

Eastern Washington
press release on the signing of Alexander, Burnham, and Pedrojetti
^Aaliyah Alexander, 5-8 CG, Todd Beamer HS (Federal Way, WA) [signed 11/13/2019]

^Maisie Burnham, 6-0 W, Liberty HS (Spangle, WA) [committed 8/1/2019]

Olivia Mayer, 6-0 C, Gonzaga Prep (Spokane, WA) [committed 10/16/2019]

^Bella Pedrojetti, 5-10 G, South Medford HS (OR) [signed 11/13/2019]

press release on the signing of Dumas, Stephens, and Thurwalker
^Erin Dumas, 5-5 CG, Montverde Academy (FL) / hometown: Chicago, IL [committed 4/28/2020]

^Rylie Stephens, 5-11 W, Triton Central HS (Fairland, IN) [committed 3/8/2020]

^Sydney Thurwalker, 5-11 juco freshman G/W, Dodge City CC (KS) / Belleville, IL [committed 4/28/2020]


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