2020 Women’s Basketball Commitments

press release on the signing of Gray, McGarity, and Williams
press release on the signing of McCrary and Wooten
^Tyler Gray, 5-6 PG, Elizabeth Seton HS (Bladensburg, MD) [committed 7/3/2019]

^Zoe McCrary, 6-2 F, Allen HS (TX) [signed 4/15/2020]

^Anika McGarity, 5-10 G, Smithson Valley HS (Spring Branch, TX) [committed 8/26/2019]

^Amira Williams, 5-9 G, Winston Salem Christian School (NC) [committed 9/21/2019]

^Chelsea Wooten, 5-8 G, McKinney North HS (TX) [committed 2/25/2020; signed 4/15/2020]

Charleston Southern
press release on the signing of Fargo, Shephard, and Winans
^Janaia Fargo, 5-8 CG, Musselman HS (Inwood, WV) [committed 9/9/2019]

^Jhala Henry, 5-7 juco sophomore G, Vincennes University (IN) / Jeffersonville, IN [committed 4/28/2020]

^Jamya Rogers, 5-9 juco sophomore F, Walters State CC (TN) / Smyrna, TN [committed 3/27/2020]

^Demetria “Dee Dee” Shephard, 5-8 SG, Pontotoc HS (MS) [committed 10/30/2019]

^Jaynice Stovall, 5-5 juco redshirt sophomore PG, Vincennes University (IN) / Covington, KY [committed 4/28/2020]

^Makenna Winans, 6-1 F, Parkersburg South HS (WV) [committed 9/21/2019]

press release on the signing of Busick and Williams
^Jacee Busick, 6-1 W, Glenn HS (Kernersville, NC) [committed 12/30/2018]

^Molina Williams, 6-0 F, The Burlington School (NC) [committed 7/15/2019]

^Sigrún Björg Ólafsdótti, 5-9 CG, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland [signed 5/1/2020]

^Amaria Pugh, 5-10 juco sophomore G, Dyersburg State CC (TN) / Dyersburg, TN [committed 4/8/2020; signed 4/16/2020]

^Anna Walker, 6-1 F, Bradley Central HS (Cleveland, TN) [committed 5/15/2019; signed 11/13/2019]

Chicago State
press release on the signing of Segues and Webb
Jacqueline Dianis, 5-8 G, Gwynn Park HS (Brandywine, MD) [committed 5/16/2020]

Ana Haklicka, 5-8 PG, Croatia

^Laura Segues, 5-10 G/F, Castelloli, Spain [signed 11/20/2019]

^Ra’Shamani “Rosh” Webb, 5-8 G, Normal West HS (IL) [committed 8/7/2019]

Maile Williams, 5-8 G, Capital Christian HS (Sacramento, CA) [committed 5/12/2020]

press release on the signing of Burton, Elseser, and Hayes
^Riane Burton, 6-1 W, Cypress Ranch HS (TX) [committed 7/16/2019]

^Caitlin Elseser, 6-4 C, Liberty-Benton HS (Findlay, OH) [committed 6/8/2019]

^Jillian Hayes, 6-1 G, Loveland HS (OH) [committed 6/26/2019]

^Destiny Haymer, 5-8 juco sophomore G, Jones College (MS) / Lexington, MS [signed 11/20/2019]

^Milan Schimmel, 5-8 juco sophomore G, Eastern Florida State College / Mission, OR [committed 4/16/2020; signed 4/21/2020]

^Caitlyn Wilson, 6-0 juco freshman G/F, Chipola College (FL) / Memphis, TN [committed 4/6/2020; signed 4/15/2020]

press release on the signing of Elliott, Hipp, and Neff
^Gabrielle “Gabby” Elliott, 5-10 W, Detroit Edison Academy (MI) [committed 10/23/2019]

^Weronika Hipp, 5-8 G, Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy (McDonough, GA)/originally from Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland [committed 2/21/2019]

^Claire Neff, 6-2 F, Maryvale Prep School (Lutherville, MD) [committed 5/3/2019]

Cleveland State
press release on the signing of Harris, Kenefick, Leo, Polk, Staton, White, and Zieniewska
^Raevyn Harris, 6-3 C, St. Mary’s Ryken HS (Leonardtown, MD) [signed 4/30/2020]

^Meghan Kenefick, 6-0 W, Paul VI Catholic HS (Fairfax, VA) [committed 8/18/2019]

^Destiny Leo, 5-10 SG, Eastlake North HS (OH) [committed 3/21/2019]

^ZaMaria Polk, 6-3 juco sophomore F, Pensacola State College (FL) / Detroit, MI [signed 4/24/2020]

^Amaya Staton, 6-1 F, Steele HS (Amherst, OH) [committed 2/19/2020; signed 4/24/2020]

^Hannah White, 5-8 G, Wheeling Central Catholic HS (WV) [committed 4/16/2020; signed 4/24/2020]

^Barbara Zieniewska, 6-0 juco sophomore G, Carthage College, TX / Lomianki, Poland [signed 4/24/2020]

Coastal Carolina
Marieme Diouf, 5-9 G, Greenforest HS (Decatur, GA) [committed 4/27/2020]

^Lindsay Blackmore, 6-0 F, Geneva HS (IL) [committed 2/24/2019]

^Morgan Frank, 5-11 W, Mundelein HS (IL) [committed 3/10/2019]

^Ariel Loiter, 5-6 CG, IMG Academy (FL) [committed 6/24/2019]

^Tiasia McMillan, 6-0 F, Carrollwood Day HS (Tampa, FL) [committed 6/24/2019]

press release on the signing of Blacksten, Formann, and LaFontaine
^Kylee Blacksten, 6-3 W, Air Academy (CO) [committed 10/14/2019]

^Madison Buford, 5-9 juco freshman G, Rend Lake College (IL) / St. Louis, MO [signed 4/17/2020]

^Frida Formann, 5-11 G, Bagsværd, Denmark [committed 10/21/2019]

Sophie Gerber, 5-10 G, Desert Mountain HS (Scottsdale, AZ) [committed 12/30/2019]

^Allysa LaFontaine, 6-0 G, Boswell HS (Fort Worth, TX) [committed 7/13/2019]

Colorado State
press release on the signing of Boni, Clark, and Hemingway
^Ellie Boni, 5-9 G, University HS (Spokane Valley, WA) [committed 6/20/2019]

^Cali Clark, 6-3 F, Cherry Creek HS (Greenwood Village, CO) [committed 9/22/2019]

^Petra Farkas, 5-10 juco sophomore G, College of Southern Idaho / Kecskemet, Hungary [span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>signed 4/15/2020]

^Makayla Hemingway, 5-11 G, Cherokee Trail HS (Aurora, CO) [committed 9/23/2019]

^María Torres, 6-0 CG, Soto del Real, Spain [span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>signed 5/22/2020]

^Eden Gainer, 5-8 SG, Wheeling Central Catholic HS (WV) [signed 11/18/2019]

Paige Lauder, 6-1 W, Villa Maria Academy (Malvern, PA) [committed 12/18/2018]

^Nicole Stephens, 5-6 G, Pickerington Central HS (OH) [committed 10/6/2019]

press release on the signing of Bueckers, Edwards, Gabriel, McLean, and Muhl
^Paige Bueckers, 5-10 G, Hopkins HS (MN) [committed 4/1/2019]

^Aaliyah Edwards, 6-3 F, Crestwood Prep (Toronto, ON) [committed 10/24/2019]

^Piath Gabriel, 6-4 F/C, Bradford Christian Academy (Haverhill, MA) [committed 9/19/2019]

^Mir McLean, 5-11 W, Roland Park Country School (Baltimore, MD) [committed 6/30/2019]

^Nika Muhl, 5-9 PG, Zagreb, Croatia [committed 4/8/2019]

Coppin State
^Hope Evans, 5-3 G, Bishop McNamara HS (Forestville, MD) [committed 8/3/2019]

Jade Hill, 6-3 F, Wilbur Cross HS (New Haven, CT) [committed 7/1/2019]

Nyemah Middleton, 5-6 PG, Pemberton HS (NJ) [committed 5/9/2020]

^Mia Beam, 5-8 G, Christian Academy of Louisville (KY) [committed 9/30/2019]

^Kaya Ingram, 5-6 PG, La Cueva HS (Albuquerque, NM) [committed 9/29/2019]

^Kendall Miller, 6-3 F, Long Island Lutheran HS (NY) [committed 8/10/2019]

press release on the signing of Brake, Horan, Maly, Mogensen, and Ronsiek
^Mallory Brake, 6-0 F, Hastings HS (MN) [committed 4/22/2019]

^Jayme Horan, 6-0 W, Millard South HS (Omaha, NE) [committed 12/31/2018]

^Morgan Maly, 6-1 W, Crete HS (NE) [committed 12/27/2018]

^Molly Mogensen, 5-7 PG, Farmington HS (MN) [committed 7/17/2019]

^Emma Ronsiek, 6-1 F, O’Gorman HS (Sioux Falls, SD) [committed 12/26/2018]


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