2020 Women’s Basketball Commitments

press release on the signing of Daniels, Muca, Onyiah, and Samb
press release on the signing of Elsnitz and Heide
^Dalayah Daniels, 6-3 F, Garfield HS (Seattle, WA) [committed 10/25/2019]

^Alma Elsnitz, 5-11 G, Stockholm, Sweden [committed 3/25/2020; signed 4/15/2020]

^Sela Heide, 6-7 C, Mount Si HS (Snoqualmie, WA) [committed 1/26/2020; signed 4/15/2020]

^Ornela Muca, 5-10 CG, Athens, Greece [committed 11/5/2019]

^Ugonne “Michelle” Onyiah, 6-3 F, Eleanor Roosevelt HS (Eastvale, CA) [committed 10/24/2019]

^Fatou Samb, 6-4 F/C, Westside HS (Houston, TX) [committed 10/18/2019]

California Baptist
press release on the signing of Aiden, Avila-Ambrosi, Bravington, and Rayner

^Haylee Aiden, 6-2 C, Granada Hills Charter HS (CA) [committed 9/30/2019]

^Nicole Avila-Ambrosi, 5-8 G, Millard North HS (Omaha, NE) [committed 7/25/2019]

^Eliana Bravington, 6-3 C, Melbourne, Australia [announced as signed 1/14/2020; enrolled in January 2020]

^Shelby Rayner, 5-6 G, Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia [signed 11/15/2019]

^Oceane Robin, 6-0 juco sophomore W, South Plains College (TX) / France [committed 4/9/2020; signed 4/17/2020]

UC Davis
press release on the signing of Carreon, Harris, and Shine
^Allie Carreon, 5-10 G, Christian HS (El Cajon, CA) [committed 10/7/2019]

^Mazatlan “Mazzie” Harris, 6-2 F, Cathedral Catholic HS (San Diego, CA) [committed 6/7/2019]

^Bria Shine, 6-1 W, Christian Brothers HS (Sacramento, CA) [committed 7/20/2019]

UC Irvine
press release on the signing of Baker and Kaupu
^Victoria Baker, 5-9 PG, Vista Ridge HS (Cedar Park, TX) [committed 3/17/2019]

^Caiyle Kaupu, 6-0 F, Konawaena HS (Kealakekua, HI) [committed 7/30/2019]

press release on the signing of Anstey, Bessoir, and Potter
^Isobel “Izzy” Anstey, 6-4 C, Melbourne, Australia [committed 9/27/2019]

^Emily Bessoir, 6-4 W, Munich, Germany [committed 6/14/2019]

^Gemma Potter, 6-0 W, Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia [committed 10/8/2019]

Cal Poly
press release on the signing of Ackerman, Dickson, and Nikolova
^Natalia Ackerman, 6-1 F, Aptos HS (CA) [committed 1/15/2019]

Grace Bliss, 5-10 W, Colfax HS (CA) [committed 4/30/2020]

Lucy Collins, 6-3 F, Canyon HS (Canyon Country, CA) [committed 4/10/2020]

^Junie Dickson, 5-9 G, Culver City HS (CA) [signed 11/13/2019]

^Ivana Nikolova, 6-1 F, Samokov, Bulgaria [committed 10/25/2019]

^Zoe Stachowski, 6-2 juco sophomore F/C, Irvine Valley College (CA) / Larkspur, CA [signed 5/29/2020]

UC Riverside
^India Aikins, 5-10 G, Lord Tweedsmuir SS (Surrey, BC) [committed 4/7/2020]

^Joy Campbell, 5-6 PG, Etiwanda HS (CA) [committed 4/9/2020]

^Suzan Kinran, 6-1 W, Istanbul, Turkey [committed 5/29/2020]

^Kari Kyrkjebo, 6-0 F, Bergen, Norway [signed 4/30/2020]

^Jordan Webster, 5-10 G, Prestonwood Christian Academy (Plano, TX) [committed 4/5/2020]

UC San Diego
press release on the signing of Brown, Montgomery, and Young
^Aishah Brown, 6-2 F, Centennial HS (Las Vegas, NV) [committed 9/15/2019]

^Parker Montgomery, 5-7 SG, Marlborough School (Los Angeles, CA) [committed 9/21/2019]

^Lucy Young, 5-8 PG, Inglemoor HS (Kenmore, WA) [committed 7/27/2019]

UC Santa Barbara
press release on the signing of Choice and Marin
^Anya Choice, 5-8 CG, Cardinal Newman HS (Santa Rosa, CA) [committed 10/2/2019]

^Alyssa Marin, 5-9 PG, Camarillo HS (CA) [committed 8/25/2019]

Cal State Bakersfield
^Sage Bridges, 5-8 G, Oak Hills HS (Hesperia, CA) [signed 4/17/2020]

^Solmilena “Soli” Herrera, 6-2 juco sophomore C, Trinity Valley CC (TX) / Dominican Republic [committed 4/3/2020; signed 4/22/2020]

^Aaliyah Seuell, 5-11 G, Clovis West HS (Fresno, CA) [committed 7/26/2019]

^Sophie Tougas, 6-0 SG, Bradford Christian Academy (Haverhill, MA) [committed 9/20/2019]

Cal State Fullerton
press release on the signing of Lewis, Stratford, and Vidmar
^Ashlee Lewis, 6-1 F, Long Beach Poly HS (CA) [committed 10/4/2019]

^Bella Stratford, 5-10 SG, Adelaide, South Australia [signed 11/13/2019]

^Gabriella Vidmar, 5-10 G/W, Adelaide, South Australia [committed 10/3/2019]

Cal State Northridge
press release on the signing of Fourie, Gray, and Harvey
press release on the signing of Taliauli, Taufaasau, and Tu’ua
^Rochelle Fourie, 6-3 F/C, Manukura School (Palmerston North, New Zealand) [committed 8/30/2019]

^Paetynn Gray, 6-2 W, Cedar Ridge HS (Round Rock, TX) [committed 8/11/2019]

^Rachel Harvey, 5-7 PG, St. Ignatius HS (San Francisco, CA) [committted 10/23/2019]

^Lani Taliauli, 6-0 juco sophomore F, Central Wyoming College / Salt Lake City, UT [signed 5/14/2020]

^Talia Taufaasau, 5-7 juco sophomore PG, Ventura College (CA) / Santa Clarita, CA [signed 5/14/2020]

^Anaiyah Tu’ua, 5-9 G, Troy HS (Fullerton, CA) [committed 3/16/2020]

press release on the signing of Anderson and Fitzgerald
^Randria Anderson, 5-11 G, Legacy Early College HS (Greenville, SC) [committed/signed 11/14/2019]

^Christabel Ezumah, 6-3 F/C, Lanier HS (Sugar Hill, GA) [committed 5/26/2020; signed 6/3/2020]

^Sarah Fitzgerald, 6-3 C, Atlantic Shores Christian HS (Chesapeake, VA) [signed 11/14/2019]

^Danielle “Dani” Haskell, 5-7 G, Franklinville HS (NY) [committed 1/16/2019; signed 11/13/2019]

Central Arkansas
press release on the signing of Balogun and Cody
^Ruth Balogun, 5-10 G/W, Hamilton Heights Christian Academy (Chattanooga, TN) [committed 10/14/2019]

^Jayla Cody, 6-1 F, Valdosta HS (GA) [committed 10/13/2019]

^Charlay Conway, 5-8 juco freshman G, Highland CC (KS) / Atlanta, GA [signed 4/24/2020]

^Lucy Ibeh, 6-0 juco sophomore F, Collin College (TX) / Lagos, Nigeria [signed 5/14/2020]

^Lauryn Mapusua, 5-9 juco sophomore CG, Hutchinson CC (KS) / Brisbane, Australia [signed 4/21/2020]

^Anita Payne, 5-9 juco sophomore G, Pensacola State College (FL) / Opelika, AL [signed 6/12/2020]

Central Connecticut
press release on the signing of Lanpher and Napoli
^Isabelle Lanpher, 5-3 G, Wachusett Regional HS (Holden, MA) [committed 8/26/2019]

^Allison Napoli, 5-11 G, Amesbury HS (MA) [committed 7/2/2019]

^Colleen Bucknor, 5-11 F, Miami HS (FL) [committed 10/4/2019]

^Maniya Custis, 5-3 G, Trenton Catholic Academy (NJ) [committed 7/29/2019]

^Ashton Verhulst, 6-1 F, Bishop Miege HS (Shawnee Mission, KS) [committed 9/19/2019]

Central Michigan
press release on the signing of Crabtree, Graber, and Loobie
^Carlee Crabtree, 5-10 G, Coldwater HS (MI) [committed 10/12/2018]

^Sydney Graber, 6-1 F, Homestead HS (Fort Wayne, IN) [committed 10/23/2018]

^Rachel Loobie, 6-0 F, Franklin Central HS (IN) [committed 8/31/2019]

^Maryama Turkstra, 6-2 F, Southwest Academy (London, ON) [committed 1/25/2020]


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