2020 Commitments

Madi Mace, 5-10 W, Parkersburg HS (WV) [committed 10/15/2018]

Ohio State
Gabby Hutcherson, 6-2 F, Westerville South HS (OH) [committed 10/8/2018]

Anyssa Jones, 5-10 SG, Westerville South HS (OH) [committed 10/1/2018]

Kateri Poole, 5-9 PG, South Shore HS (Brooklyn, NY) [committed 7/26/2019]

Oklahoma State
Taylen Collins, 6-2 F, Muldrow HS (OK) [committed 9/29/2019]

Ruth Udoumoh, 6-0 F, Victory Christian School (Tulsa, OK) [committed 4/14/2018]

Old Dominion
Ash’a Thompson, 5-11 W, DeSoto HS (TX) [committed 9/25/2019]

Skylah Travis, 6-3 F, Weldon HS (NC) [committed 8/11/2019]

Lanay Wheaton, 5-7 G, San Antonio Holmes HS (TX) [committed 10/1/2019]

Lauren Frost, 5-9 G, Park Center HS (Brooklyn Park, MN) [committed 8/5/2019]

Katie Keitges, 5-8 SG, Knoxville HS (IA) [committed 8/4/2019]

Oral Roberts
Tierney Coleman, 5-9 G, Trinity Christian HS (Cedar Hill, TX) [committed 8/12/2019]

Tyaija Coleman, 5-9 G, Trinity Christian HS (Cedar Hill, TX) [committed 8/12/2019]

Wyvette Mayberry, 5-7 PG, Booker T. Washington HS (Tulsa, OK) [committed 7/13/2019]

Addisyn Moore, 5-11 F, Trinity Christian HS (Cedar Hill, TX) [committed 8/12/2019]

Angela Dugalić, 6-4 W, Maine West HS (Des Plaines, IL) [committed 4/21/2019]

Te-Hina Paopao, 5-10 PG, La Jolla Country Day School (CA) [committed 5/4/2019]

Sydney Parrish, 6-1 W, Hamilton Southeastern HS (IN) [committed 4/15/2019]

Maddie Scherr, 5-11 G, Ryle HS (Union, KY) [committed 5/13/2019]

Kylee Watson, 6-3 F, Mainland Regional HS (Linwood, NJ) [committed 5/22/2019]

Oregon State
Sasha Goforth, 6-0 SG, Fayetteville HS (AR) [committed 6/5/2019]

Savannah Samuel, 6-1 W, St. Francis HS (Alpharetta, GA) [committed 9/17/2019]

Erica Adams, 5-10 G, California HS (San Ramon, CA) [committed 9/28/2019]

Elizabeth “Liz” Smith, 5-8 PG, IMG Academy (FL) / Dallas, TX [committed 9/25/2019]

Jordan Obi, 6-0 W, Choate Rosemary Hall (Wallingford, CT) [committed 8/24/2019]

Kemari Reynolds, 5-8 PG, Manchester Township HS (NJ) [committed 7/18/2019]

Michaela Stanfield, 6-0 F, Winsor School (Boston, MA) [committed 5/3/2019]

Penn State
Maddie Burke, 6-0 G, Central Bucks West HS (Doylestown, PA) [committed 6/30/2019]

Sha’nia “Tink” Davis, 5-5 PG, Appoquinimink HS (Middletown, DE) [committed 12/3/2017]

Kaci Donovan, 6-1 G, Owego Free Academy (NY) [committed 1/21/2019]

Tracey Hueston, 6-1 F, Northside HS (Roanoke, VA) [committed 9/15/2019]

Portland State
Morgan Baird, 6-0 W, Coquille HS (OR) [committed 5/15/2019]

Prairie View A&M
Allana Thompson, 6-0 G, Katy HS (TX) [committed 8/9/2019]

Maleia Bracone, 5-9 G, T.L. Hanna HS (Anderson, SC) [committed 8/11/2019]

Kaitlyn Chen, 5-8 PG, Flintridge Prep (La Canada, CA) [committed 9/19/2019]

Paige Morton, 6-2 F, Oak Knoll HS (Summit, NJ) [committed 1/4/2019]

Chetanna Nweke, 6-0 W, Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart (Bethesda, MD) [committed 10/27/2018]

Grace Efosa, 5-11 G, Whittier Tech HS (Haverhill, MA) [committed 8/1/2018]

Julia Fabozzi, 6-1 W, Xaverian HS (Brooklyn, NY) [committed 5/1/2019]

RaShaya Kyle, 6-6 C, Marion HS (IN) [committed 4/14/2019]

Madison Layden, 6-1 G, Northwestern HS (Kokomo, IN) [committed 9/30/2018]

Purdue Fort Wayne
Zoe Ketterman, 6-1 F, Rosary HS (Aurora, IL) [committed 7/13/2019]

Rylie Parker, 5-6 SG, Homestead HS (Fort Wayne, IN) [committed 9/18/2018]

Aubrey Stupp, 6-0 F, Germantown Valley View HS (OH) [committed 6/28/2019]

Margo Thompson, 6-3 C, Anderson HS (Cincinnati, OH) [committed 7/13/2019]

Jillian Casey, 5-9 SG, Horseheads HS (NY) [committed 10/24/2018]

Halee Smith, 5-11 SG, Juniata Valley (Alexandria, PA) [committed 4/3/2019]

Tiera White, 6-1 F/C, Father Lopez HS (Daytona Beach, FL) [committed 9/24/2019]

Nasserine William, 6-2 W, Putnam Science Academy (CT) [committed 8/9/2019]

Destinee Marshall, 5-5 PG, Sacred Heart Academy (Louisville, KY) [committed 4/30/2019]

Danielle Montelbano, 5-8 G, Grandview Prep (Boca Raton, FL) [committed 9/7/2019]

Kyanna Morgan, 6-0 G, Zebulon B. Vance HS (Charlotte, NC) [committed 9/10/2019]

Ashley Tudor, 5-11 W, Mercy McAuley HS (Cincinnati, OH) [committed 9/6/2019]

Rhode Island
Dolly Cairns, 5-7 PG, Saratoga Springs HS (NY) [committed 7/1/2019]

Maya Bokunewicz, 6-0 G, State College HS (PA) [committed 6/28/2019]

Addie Budnik, 6-1 W, Highland Park HS (IL) [committed 7/30/2019]

Maya Ettle, 6-4 C, Moravian Academy (Bethlehem, PA) [committed 11/2/2018]

Kylee Lewandowski, 6-1 G/F, North Catholic HS (PA) [committed 7/27/2019]

Siobhan Ryan, 6-0 G, Sacred Heart Academy (Buffalo, NY) [committed 6/21/2019]

Sofie Bruintjes, 6-4 F, Amsterdam, Netherlands [committed 9/20/2019]

Molly Lynch, 5-8 PG, Rutgers Prep (Somerset, NJ) [committed 4/15/2019]

Robert Morris
Mackenzie Amalia, 5-5 PG, Blackhawk HS (Beaver Falls, PA) [committed 6/4/2018]

Erica Lafayette, 5-11 G, McKinley HS (Baton Rouge, LA) [committed 10/14/2019]


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