2020 Women’s Basketball Commitments

Miami (FL)
press release on the signing of Fraile Ruiz, Gony, and Mbandu
^Paula Fraile Ruiz, 6-4 F, Barcelona, Spain [committed 9/26/2019]

^Nyayongah Gony, 6-3 W, Lincoln HS (NE) [committed 10/2/2019]

^Naomi Mbandu, 6-1 juco sophomore F, Gulf Coast State College (FL) / Tobes, FL [committed 11/6/2019]

Miami (OH)
press release on the signing of Battle, Davidson, Duckett, and Watkins
^Edyn Battle, 5-8 G, Gahanna Lincoln HS (OH) [committed 8/1/2019]

^Katie Davidson, 5-11 G, Lawrence North HS (Indianapolis, IN) [committed 10/9/2019]

^Jada Duckett, 6-2 F, Morgan Park HS (Chicago, IL) [committed 10/22/2019]

^Sydney Watkins, 5-9 CG, Heritage Christian HS (Indianapolis, IN) [committed 8/10/2019]

press release on the signing of Fiso, Sollom, Stuck, and Williams
^Meghan Fiso, 5-11 SG, Garfield HS (Seattle, WA) [committed 2/8/2019]

^Whitney Sollom, 6-4 F, Hartland HS (MI) [committed 8/4/2019]

^Elise Stuck, 6-1 W, Charlevoix HS (MI) [committed 7/19/2019]

^Cameron Williams, 6-2 F, Whitney Young HS (Chicago, IL) [committed 10/15/2019]

Michigan State
^Kendall Bostic, 6-1 F, Northwestern HS (Kokomo, IN) [committed 10/21/2018; signed 11/13/2019]

^Matilda Ekh, 6-0 G/F, Västerås, Sweden [signed 4/16/2020]

Middle Tennessee
^Jada Grannum, 6-3 F, Lincoln Prep (Hamilton, ON) [committed 10/30/2019; signed 11/13/2019]

^Kseniia Kozlova, 6-3 C, Montverde Academy (FL) / hometown: Moscow, Russia [committed 1/7/2020; signed 4/15/2020]

^Anabel Latorre, 6-3 F, Zaragoza, Spain [signed 6/11/2020]

press release on the signing of Cera, Donaldson, Eubanks, McGlone, and Nead
^Angie Cera, 5-9 G, Mukwonago HS (WI) [committed 2/3/2018]

^Jada Donaldson, 5-6 PG, Beaver Dam HS (WI) [committed 3/19/2019]

^Kalvina Eubanks, 5-6 G, Walther Christian Academy (Melrose Park, IL) [committed 6/12/2018]

^Macy McGlone, 6-2 F/C, Hortonville HS (WI) [committed 8/10/2018]

^Kendall Nead, 5-11 W, Johnston HS (IA) [committed 6/24/2019]

^Erin Hedman, 6-3 F, New Berlin Eisenhower HS (WI) [committed 9/12/2018; signed 11/13/2019]

^Alexia Smith, 5-8 G, Columbus Africentric HS (OH) [committed 9/18/2019; signed 11/13/2019]

^Caroline Strande, 5-11 G, Racine Lutheran HS (WI) [committed 10/25/2019; signed 11/13/2019]

^Daja Woodard, 6-3 juco sophomore F, Jones College (MS) / Mobile, AL [committed Jan. 2020; signed 4/17/2020]

Ole Miss
press release on the signing of Bracey, Collins, McGee, and Scott
^Jacorriah Bracey, 5-10 SG/W, Thomas E. Edwards HS (Ruleville, MS) [committed 9/15/2018]

^Silentianna “Snudda” Collins, 6-1 F, Brookhaven HS (MS) [committed 6/11/2019]

^Tiya Douglas, 5-9 juco freshman G, Trinity Valley CC (TX) / Forth Smith, AR [committed 4/10/2020; signed 4/15/2020]

^Caitlin McGee, 6-1 F, Sandalwood HS (Jacksonville, FL) [committed 6/14/2019]

^Madison Scott, 6-1 W, Bishop McNamara HS (Forestville, MD) [committed 10/4/2019]

Mississippi State
press release on the signing of Hayes [DeYona’ Gaston later decommitted and signed with Texas]
^Madison Hayes, 6-0 G, East Hamilton HS (Ooltewah, TN) [committed 9/27/2019]

^Charlotte Kohl, 6-5 C, Giessen, Germany [signed 6/4/2020]

Mississippi Valley State
press release on the signing of Garner, Lizarraga, Mahoney, McGloster, Moss, Smith, and Vanhook
^Malon Garner, 5-5 G, Jack Yates HS (Houston, TX) [signed 5/13/2020]

^Isabel Lizarraga, 5-7 juco sophomore G, Long Beach City College (CA) / Compton, CA [signed 5/13/2020]

^Zakiya Mahoney, 5-11 juco sophomore CG, Chabot College (CA) / Oakland, CA [signed 5/13/2020]

^Da’Sha McGloster, 5-10 juco sophomore G, Northeast Mississippi CC / Vicksburg, MS [signed 5/13/2020]

^Annya Moss, 5-9 juco sophomore W, McLennan CC (TX) / Nassau, Bahamas [signed 5/13/2020]

^Carria Smith, 6-1 juco sophomore C, Clarendon College (TX) / Memphis, TN [signed 5/13/2020]

^Aniyah Vanhook, 5-7 CG, Burlington School (NC) [committed 4/28/2020]

press release on the signing of Kelly and Smith
^Mama Dembele, 5-6 PG, Manlleu, Spain [committed 3/23/2020; signed 4/16/2020]

^Jayla Kelly, 6-3 C, Parkway Central HS (Chesterfield, MO) [committed 9/22/2019]

^Sara-Rose Smith, 6-1 SG, Victoria, Australia [committed 10/12/2019]

Missouri State
press release on the signing of Rocca and Winslow
^Paige Rocca, 5-9 CG, Iowa City HS (IA) [committed 6/28/2019]

^Dani Winslow, 6-1 W, Olathe South HS (KS) [committed 2/25/2018]

press release on the signing of Chevre, Hall, Haralson, Kranbuhl, Vanderhoop, and Wener
^Zareia Chevre, 5-11 F, Simley HS (Inver Grove Heights, MN) [committed 9/8/2019]

^Jania Hall, 5-8 G, St. Vincent Pallotti HS (Laurel, MD) [signed 11/15/2019]

^Sakeria Haralson, 6-0 F/C, Bellwood-Antis HS (PA) [committed 6/26/2018]

^Belle Kranbuhl, 6-3 C, Adirondack HS (Boonville, NY) [committed 6/10/2019]

^Ariana Vanderhoop, 5-8 PG, Cathedral HS (Boston, MA) [signed 11/20/2019]

^Gabrielle Wener, 6-2 G/W, Messalonskee HS (Oakland, ME) [committed 10/28/2019]

press release on the signing of Albrecht, Dixson, Keller, Momberg, and Murphy
^Willa Albrecht, 6-0 F, Billings West HS (MT) [signed 11/15/2019]

^Bria Dixson, 5-7 G, Benson Tech HS (Portland, OR) [committed 10/20/2019]

^Kyndall Keller, 5-8 G, Havre HS (MT) [committed 7/14/2019]

L’Tia Lawrence, 5-8 PG, Harlem HS (MT) [committed 3/31/2020]

^Joelnell Momberg, 5-9 PG, Box Elder HS (MT) [committed 6/14/2018]

^Nyah Morris-Nelson, 6-0 juco sophomore SG, Iowa Western CC / Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia [signed 5/4/2020]

^Karsen Murphy, 6-0 F, Dawson County HS (Glendive, MT) [committed 6/29/2019]

^Hannah Thurmon, 6-1 juco sophomore G/F, Three Rivers College (MO) / Dexter, MO [committed 4/23/2020; signed 4/29/2020]

Montana State
press release on the signing of Beattie, Deden, Janssen, Limardo, Ranson, and Stensgard
^Leia Beattie, 5-9 G, Midland Classical Academy (TX) [committed 6/25/2019]

^Lexi Deden, 6-1 F, Missoula Sentinel HS (MT) [committed 6/24/2019]

^Taylor Janssen, 6-3 F, Rosemount HS (MN) [committed 3/23/2019]

^Katelynn Limardo, 6-2 F, Silver HS (Silver City, NM) [committed 3/14/2019]

^Ava Ranson, 5-8 G, Timberline HS (Boise, ID) [committed 9/29/2018]

^Sydney Stensgard, 5-9 SG, Simley HS (Inver Grove Heights, MN) [committed 3/9/2019]

Morehead State
^Fredrionna “Freddy” Adams, 5-5 juco sophomore PG, Dodge City CC (KS) / Evansville, IN [signed 4/29/2020]

^Morgan DeFoor, 5-5 PG, Scott County HS (Georgetown, KY) [committed 1/3/2019; signed 11/13/2019]

^Laurie Thomas, 5-10 juco sophomore G, South Georgia Technical College / Albany, GA [signed 5/22/2020]

^Darryn Zeigler, 5-11 juco redshirt freshman G, Moberly Area CC (MO) / Cleveland, OH [committed 12/29/2019; signed 4/16/2020]

Morgan State
Carrie Lee, 6-0 juco sophomore G/F, Daytona State College (FL) / Largo, FL [committed 4/25/2020]

Armani Turner, 5-10 juco sophomore G, Highland CC (KS) / Chicago, IL [committed 4/14/2020]

Richelle Turney, 5-11 juco sophomore G/F, Barton CC (KS) / Sacramento, CA [committed 4/20/2020]

Mount St. Mary’s
press release on the signing of Hunt, Lee, Pelaia, and Tomasetti
^Isabella Hunt, 5-11 F, Bishop McCort HS (Johnstown, PA) [committed 5/23/2019]

^Jada Lee, 5-5 CG, Carlynton HS (Carnegie, PA) [committed 9/22/2019]

^Bella Pelaia, 5-11 F, Mars HS (PA) [committed 6/28/2019]

^Jessica Tomasetti, 5-5 PG, Our Lady of Good Counsel HS (Olney, MD) [signed 11/13/2019]

Murray State
press release on the signing of Mensah and Sanders-Woods
^Hannah McKay, 6-0 F, Owensboro Catholic HS (KY) [committed 4/2/2019; signed 11/20/2019]

^Manna Mensah, 5-8 juco sophomore G, Grayson College (TX) / Toronto, ON [committed 4/5/2020]

^Lucia Operto, 6-3 C, Santa Fe, Argentina [signed 5/13/2020]

^Jalexis Russell, 5-10 juco sophomore G, Gadsden State CC (AL) / Florence, AL [signed 11/13/2019]

^Bria Sanders-Woods, 5-9 G, Putnam City North HS (Oklahoma City, OK) [committed 2/2/2020]

^Charlee Settle, 6-1 G/F, Calloway County HS (Murray, KY) [committed 4/12/2019; signed 11/13/2019]

^Katelyn Young, 6-1 F, Oakwood HS (Fithian, IL) [committed 4/22/2019; signed 11/15/2019]


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