2020 Commitments

D-I women’s basketball commitments for the 2020 recruiting class, arranged alphabetically by school. A link to an article on the player’s commitment is included, if available (linked via “committed”). (Last updated: March 19, 2019)

Number of prospects committed: 186

Latest commitments: Milwaukee (March 19), Lehigh (March 18), Iowa (March 18), Northern Colorado (March 18), Louisiana Tech (March 17), UC Irvine (March 17), Montana State (March 14), Abilene Christian (March 12), Northwestern (March 12), Vanderbilt (March 11), Belmont (March 10), Colgate (March 10), Montana State (March 9)

Abilene Christian
Taylor Morgan, 5-7 G, Aledo HS (TX) [committed 8/23/2018]

Alice Stevenson, 5-10 G/W, Perkins-Tryon HS (OK) [committed 3/12/2019]

Alanna Carter, 5-10 G, Mason HS (OH) [committed 10/15/2018]

Kate Garry, 5-8 G, Loveland HS (OH) [committed 10/16/2018]

Nicole Stephens, 5-6 G, Pickerington Central HS (OH) [committed 1/17/2019]

Caitlynn Daniels, 5-7 PG, Xavier HS (Cedar Rapids, IA) [committed 10/2/2018]

Lindsey Dullard, 6-1 W, Morton HS (IL) [committed 10/20/2018]

Jazmyn Harmon, 5-9 CG, Ravenwood HS (TN) [committed 9/23/2018]

Kylee Schneringer, 5-11 SG, Normal Community HS (IL) [committed 6/26/2018]

Maddie Walsh, 6-2 G, Arrowhead HS (Hartland, WI) [committed 10/25/2018]

Appalachian State
Dane Bertolina, 5-9 CG, Charlotte Catholic HS (NC) [committed 1/25/2019]

Bailey Trumm, 5-6 G, Powell HS (TN) [committed 6/19/2018]

Derin Erdogan, 5-8 PG (Turkey) [committed 11/28/2018]

Arizona State
Keeli Burton, 6-3 F/C, Eastlake HS (Sammamish, WA) [committed 10/15/2018]

Sydney Erikstrup, 6-1 W, Beaverton HS (OR) [committed 11/26/2018]

Katelyn Levings, 6-3 F, Edmond Memorial HS (OK) [committed 11/19/2018]

Destinee McGhee, 6-2 C, Madison Academy (AL) [committed 11/10/2018]

Rylee Langerman, 5-9 PG, Christian Heritage Academy (Del City, OK) [committed 11/28/2018]

Madison Bartley, 6-3 F, Kettering Fairmont HS (OH) [committed 11/12/2018]

Blair Schoenwald, 5-8 G, Brentwood Academy (TN) [committed 3/10/2019]

Boise State
Raigan Reed, 5-7 PG, Lake Stevens HS (WA) [committed 10/9/2018]

Bowling Green
Sophie Dziekan, 6-2 C, Brighton HS (MI) [committed 9/8/2018]

Lexi Fleming, 5-5 PG, Mercy McAuley HS (Cincinnati, OH) [committed 8/29/2018]

Kenzie Lewis, 5-10 PG, Williamston HS (MI) [committed 9/8/2018]

Caroline Strande, 5-11 G, Racine Lutheran HS (WI) [committed 11/2/2018]

Treasure Coleman, 5-5 G, Berkshire School (Sheffield, MA)/hometown: Waterbury, CT [committed 2/25/2019]

Lauren Gustin, 6-1 F, Salt Lake CC (juco transfer; signed with Idaho (2018), left before 2018-19 season, transferring to SLCC) [committed 2/5/2019]

Julie Kulesza, 5-9 G, Conrad Schools of Science (Wilmington, DE) [committed 9/13/2018]

UC Irvine
Victoria Baker, 5-9 G, Vista Ridge HS (Cedar Park, TX) [committed 3/17/2019]

Cal Poly
Natalia Ackerman, 6-1 F, Aptos HS (CA) [committed 1/15/2019]

Cal State Bakersfield
Makenzie Bond, 6-1 C, Eastern Arizona College (juco transfer) [committed 2/11/2019]

Dani Haskell, 5-7 G, Franklinville HS (NY) [committed 1/16/2019]

Central Michigan
Carlee Crabtree, 5-10 G, Coldwater HS (MI) [committed 10/12/2018]

Sydney Graber, 6-0 F, Homestead HS (Fort Wayne, IN) [committed 10/23/2018]

Jacee Busick, 6-0 W, Glenn HS (Kernersville, NC) [committed 12/30/2018]

Weronika Hipp, 5-9 G, Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy (McDonough, GA)/originally from Poland [committed 2/21/2019]

Lindsay Blackmore, 6-0 F, Geneva HS (IL) [committed 2/24/2019]

Morgan Frank, 5-11 W, Mundelein HS (IL) [committed 3/10/2019]

Paige Lauder, 6-1 W, Villa Maria Academy (Malvern, PA) [committed 12/18/2018]

Jayme Horan, 6-0 W, Millard South HS (Omaha, NE) [committed 12/31/2018]

Morgan Maly, 6-0 W, Crete HS (NE) [committed 12/27/2018]

Emma Ronsiek, 6-1 W, O’Gorman HS (Sioux Falls, SD) [committed 12/26/2018]


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