2020 Commitments

D-I women’s basketball commitments for the 2020 recruiting class, arranged alphabetically by school. A link to an article on the player’s commitment is included, if available (linked via “committed”). (Last updated: December 6, 2018)

Number of prospects committed: 130

Latest commitments: Toledo (Dec. 6), Harvard (Dec. 5), George Washington (Dec. 4), Southern Illinois (Dec. 2), Northern Kentucky (Dec. 1), Arkansas (Nov. 28), Arizona (Nov. 28), Arizona State (Nov. 26), Green Bay (Nov. 23), TCU (Nov. 21), Illinois State (Nov. 20), Wake Forest (Nov. 20 and 21), Arizona State (Nov. 19), Belmont (Nov. 12), Washington (Nov. 11)

Abilene Christian
Taylor Morgan, 5-7 G, Aledo HS (TX) [committed 8/23/2018]

Alanna Carter, 5-10 G, Mason HS (OH) [committed 10/15/2018]

Kate Garry, 5-8 G, Loveland HS (OH) [committed 10/16/2018]

Caitlynn Daniels, 5-7 PG, Xavier HS (Cedar Rapids, IA) [committed 10/2/2018]

Lindsey Dullard, 6-1 W, Morton HS (IL) [committed 10/20/2018]

Jazmyn Harmon, 5-9 CG, Ravenwood HS (TN) [committed 9/23/2018]

Kylee Schneringer, 5-11 SG, Normal Community HS (IL) [committed 6/26/2018]

Maddie Walsh, 6-2 G, Arrowhead HS (Hartland, WI) [committed 10/25/2018]

Appalachian State
Bailey Trumm, 5-6 G, Powell HS (TN) [committed 6/19/2018]

Derin Erdogan, 5-8 PG (Turkey) [committed 11/28/2018]

Arizona State
Keeli Burton, 6-3 F/C, Eastlake HS (Sammamish, WA) [committed 10/15/2018]

Sydney Erikstrup, 6-1 W, Beaverton HS (OR) [committed 11/26/2018]

Katelyn Levings, 6-3 F, Edmond Memorial HS (OK) [committed 11/19/2018]

Destinee McGhee, 6-2 C, Madison Academy (AL) [committed 11/10/2018]

Rylee Langerman, 5-9 PG, Christian Heritage Academy (Del City, OK) [committed 11/28/2018]

Madison Bartley, 6-3 F, Kettering Fairmont HS (OH) [committed 11/12/2018]

Boise State
Raigan Reed, 5-7 PG, Lake Stevens HS (WA) [committed 10/9/2018]

Bowling Green
Sophie Dziekan, 6-2 C, Brighton HS (MI) [committed 9/8/2018]

Lexi Fleming, 5-5 PG, Mercy McAuley HS (Cincinnati, OH) [committed 8/29/2018]

Kenzie Lewis, 5-10 PG, Williamston HS (MI) [committed 9/8/2018]

Caroline Strande, 5-11 G, Racine Lutheran HS (WI) [committed 11/2/2018]

Cierra Christian, 5-10 G, Oakland Catholic HS (Pittsburgh, PA) [committed 5/21/2018]

Julie Kulesza, 5-9 G, Conrad Schools of Science (Wilmington, DE) [committed 9/13/2018]

Central Michigan
Carlee Crabtree, 5-10 G, Coldwater HS (MI) [committed 10/12/2018]

Sydney Graber, 6-0 F, Homestead HS (Fort Wayne, IN) [committed 10/23/2018]

Sallie Schutz, 6-2 W, Westminster Christian Academy (Watkinsville, GA) [committed 10/15/2018]

Darrione Rogers, 6-0 G, Lake Park HS (Roselle, IL) [committed 8/6/2018]

Detroit Mercy
Jaci Jones, 5-5 PG, Fort Wayne South Side HS (IN) [committed 5/21/2018]

Courtney Becker, 6-0 W, Aquinas HS (La Crosse, WI) [committed 10/6/2018]

Lindsey Linard, 6-3 C, Medina HS (OH) [committed 10/19/2018]

Eastern Kentucky
Amerah Steele, 5-7 G, South Laurel HS (London, KY) [committed 7/17/2018]

Eastern Michigan
Zaniya Nelson, 5-10 SG, Putnam City West HS (Oklahoma City, OK) [committed 8/7/2018]

Florida A&M
Malerie Brooks, 5-11 W, Camden County HS (Kingsland, GA) [committed 9/24/2018]

Hilani Cantone, 5-9 SG, DME Sports Academy (Daytona Beach, FL) [committed 8/8/2018]

Emily Gillis, 5-11 W, Division Avenue HS (Levittown, NY) [committed 10/3/2018]

George Washington
Aurea Gingras, 5-8 G, Edison HS (Alexandria, VA) [committed 12/4/2018]

Caranda Perea, 6-2 F, Altoona HS (PA) [committed 8/8/2018]

Sarah Ashlee Barker, 5-9 G, Spain Park HS (Hoover, AL) [committed 10/8/2018]

Green Bay
Ellie Foster, 5-10 PG, Dike-New Hartford HS (IA) [committed 9/28/2018]

Caelan Givens, 5-11 G, Chippewa Falls HS (WI) [committed 7/22/2018]

Kendall Renard, 6-3 F/C, Green Bay Preble HS (WI) [committed 11/23/2018]

Elle Stauffer, 5-11 W, Germantown Academy (Fort Washington, PA) [committed 12/5/2018]

Holy Cross
Janelle Allen, 6-1 F, Marian Central Catholic HS (Woodstock, IL) [committed 10/22/2018]

Stephanie Davis, 6-1 G, Proctor Academy (Andover, NH) [committed 9/24/2018]

Cara McCormack, 5-4 PG, St. John the Baptist HS (West Islip, NY) [committed 7/30/2018]

Illinois State
Fantasia Baines, 6-0 F, Thornwood HS (South Holland, IL) [committed 11/20/2018]

Maya Wong, 5-8 G, Normal Community HS (IL) [committed 8/19/2018]

Sharon Goodman, 6-2 C, Crestwood HS (Cresco, IA) [committed 8/25/2018]

Shateah Wetering, 6-1 F, Montezuma HS (IA) [committed 1/1/2018]

Iowa State
Lexi Donarski, 5-10 PG, Aquinas HS (La Crosse, WI) [committed 6/14/2016]

Kylie Feuerbach, 6-0 W, Sycamore HS (IL) [committed 1/11/2018]

Aubrey Joens, 5-9 SG, Iowa City HS (IA) [committed 8/9/2018]

James Madison
Bailey Williams, 5-7 PG, Cosby HS (Midlothian, VA) [committed 11/5/2017]

Kansas State
Ashton Verhulst, 6-1 F, Bishop Miege HS (Shawnee Mission, KS) [committed 10/8/2017]

Bella Smuda, 6-5 C, Downingtown East HS (Exton, PA) [committed 10/14/2018]

Merissah Russell, 6-0 G, Capital Courts Academy (Ottawa, ON) [committed 10/5/2018]

Emma Wilson-Saltos, 6-0 W, Preston HS (Bronx, NY) [committed 6/11/2018]

Miami (OH)
Makira Cook, 5-5 PG, Mount Notre Dame HS (Cincinnati, OH) [committed 10/16/2018]

Teegan Pifher, 6-1 W, Olentangy Liberty HS (OH) [committed 8/26/2018]

Makailah Griggs-Zeigler, 5-11 W, Wayne Memorial HS (MI) [committed 4/22/2018]

Michigan State
Kendall Bostic, 6-1 F/C, Northwestern HS (Kokomo, IN) [committed 10/21/2018]

Angie Cera, 5-9 G, Mukwonago (WI) [committed 2/3/2018]

Kalvina Eubanks, 5-6 G, Walther Christian Acad. (Melrose Park, IL) [committed 6/12/2018]

Macy McGlone, 6-2 F/C, Hortonville HS (WI) [committed 8/10/2018]

Erin Hedman, 6-2 F, New Berlin Eisenhower HS (WI) [committed 9/12/2018]

Ole Miss
Jacorriah Bracey, 5-11 SG/W, Ruleville Central HS (MS) [committed 9/16/2018]

Katera Mayfield, 6-1 F, Seaman HS (Topeka, KS) [committed 9/13/2018]

Missouri State
Katie Scott, 6-2 F/C, Carl Junction HS (MO) [committed 6/19/2018]

Dani Winslow, 6-1 W, Olathe South HS (KS) [committed 2/25/2018]

Sakeria Haralson, 6-1 F, Bellwood-Antis HS (PA) [committed 6/26/2018]

Joelnell Momberg, 5-9 PG, Box Elder HS (MT) [committed 6/14/2018]

Montana State
Ava Ranson, 5-8 G, Timberline HS (Boise, ID) [committed 9/29/2018]


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